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Need perpendicular pressure. You need to coming in from the sides and so to have a true hydraulic pressure. You have to have a closed system in other words has to be closed and the pressure. Now if you had a set of teeth in the middle and you do that scientifically the pressure on any part of that. Hard structure in there is perpendicular to the structure. So if it's a round ball it's like this. The pressure is exactly perpendicular. Which is exactly what we want so to me. When I'm taking impression the only thing on my mind is am I going to be creating as much hydraulic pressure as I can everywhere? I want it so when I take impressions. I only for credit bridge. The implants things like that. I only used to face impressions and I choose to go the PUTTY WASH and the actually. I hold patents on to slightly different techniques for creating hydraulic pressure. I don't know why bother to get the the past but I did But anyway the whole idea is that you wanNA create hydraulic pressure. How do you do that if you can after you take your base impression? If you when you take your wash impression can create a seal up. At the depth of the vestibule all the way around and on the lower both lingual and facial. Now as you're pressing on that you're creating hydraulic pressure on the wash. That's now going perpendicular to all surfaces. So you're not going to get any bubbles you're not gonNA get any polls so how do you do that? Well when you take your basic impression you and if it's putty you don't put it in and push it up with your mouth. You're not that strong. You have the patient bite down on the trade because the muscle mass decaffeination way stronger than your fingers pushing up and you have them by all the way down until they hit the TRAE. What does that do number one? It creates so much force that pushes it up there. But also when you're talking about the depth of the vestibule when I go like this my fingers there what happens when I opened which is down. So if you've closed you push that way up against the the vestibule now when you take your wash impression you're going to a by hand now you have these long vestibules you go in and you push up. And it's not very long before the edges of the putty impression go is deeply as they can into the vestibule. His mouth is open now. So vessels pulled shallower and you create that hydraulic pressure and man. You get you get an impression that there was a heart. Arlo Guthrie used to say. Can't beat remember the Thanksgiving Dinner? That can't be beat. Alyssa's restaurant job is trying to predict what she's thinking she's twenty five and she's thinking You don't need to do something that good. For a bleaching trae this is what you would do for a crown and bridge or an implant case.

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