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Hello vehicles apartheid many american consumers that it's not only their earth friendliness that seals the deal another big lure a federal tax credit of roughly seventy five hundred dollars per vehicle kluivert's detroit bureau chief david welt wrote about the incentives and he joins us now david set the scene for us tell us about the electric vehicle market the recent growth that we've seen growing pretty well but it's still only one percent of the market to really what you've seen r three car companies essentially sung most of these coach test so which is at the brink brand name they've got the motto wesson the motto s x out there that so for automony their cool cars everybody wants the eu on must or and neither investors or or consumers just a sort of environment of it on buyers cars and then you've got nissan and care of sold smaller lowerpriced orator truckers primarily to me regulations in california to have so many electric vehicles sold as a percentage of your overall sales to do business and the state without paying fines and and that's largely with those are goes to vehicles stood the nissan will you finish every pulled they've made me and they also they do the technology out there on the roads no moves from the sales grew up this winter so which is by far the biggest player in this whole thing now you're going to see growth in vehicles available over the next five speakers car companies are bringing them in the market premium sold can we quite another matter because they have captured the imagination of order people and captured their checkbooks of order consumers just yet because i want to understand how actually works in the united states how much at that dimond is fueled by some of the tax credits that you can get from the federal level how do they work both for the consumer and obviously for the car companies to yes there are a lot of things he really pushing car companies to sell them and push and consumers to buy them on the consumer side.

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