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You're trying to help them. Strive for their It's because i know they will take over my position it. It's it's sort of you know like some people say. Oh that's very very arrogant stuff but it. It's just look i've met. I've met thousands of people all trying to do this. do that. Whatever and it gets to a point where okay. I am different okay. There is something that sets me apart and you know a lot of people. A lot of people are really scared of verbalize themselves because they're afraid of the criticism that comes with that. I i don't really care Because you know if. I know that i'm busting my ass. That's all matters if i know that i'm working as hard as i possibly could. That's all that matters and so it becomes a thing. Where again i'm not. It's it's really hard to find multi talented people. When i'm hiring people like i don't know how to program. It's really hard to find a programmer. Do just you know it has problem solving ability and will consistently show up. That's really hard to find. It's really hard to find an artist who can do a certain art style and can show up for a decent amount of money and bang out one hundred drawings. You know like stuff like this like and so and so what i do. I do sound design. I do. I do writing i do. You know all this stuff that know. Sorta gives me a footing. Where if i'm doing enough jobs. I can just pretty much say okay. I'm the director too. I don't meet people that can do multiple things and it's it's like a thing where and you know the the big thing is some people more successful than you because they have connections and so would you take those things. Would you say that those people don't exist or those people exist but they're not willing to put in that work at all they. They have those raw talents. They have those skills they can program they can draw but they're not willing to sit down. I was watching a drawing yesterday with my son. And then the guys is just draw. Keep dry keep doodling. Doing you gotta keep doing it. And people are not willing to put that work in you. What i appreciate you above. You is the work ethic that you have. I think that's the core of what what drives you is your willingness to work and not all people have that most people don't have the level. Yeah no kid and they will do it for survival. Some people work to survive. But they don't have that level to succeed and to excel.

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