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Game with a morning. Show a superb drama. Yeah a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China. But just in case anyone in the crowd was laughing too hard surveys put them in their place to companies. You you work for. I mean unbelievable Apple Amazon Disney if isis style streaming service. You'd call your agent. Wouldn't you so if you do win an award tonight tonight. Please don't use the platform to make a political speech right. You're in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world most of you. It spent less time in school than Greta. Thornburgh the rest well it had to be believed by NBC. One big winner the night with South Korean filmmaker Bong Jun Ho. He directed the disturbing family drama parasite which won. Best Foreign Language. Film Chum Up Self titled John Gilbert with a translator by side said audiences miss out on amazing films homes because of those words at the bottom of the screen. Once you overcome the one inch tall barrier of subtitles you will be introduced to so many more amazing films sounds really expand. Your world read subtitles. The devastating bushfires in Australia are exacting a heavy human toll. At least twenty four people have died since September wild animals have fared much much worse. Some five five hundred million have been injured or killed in the fires. That estimate comes from Chris. Dickman professor of Ecology at the University of Sydney when we reached him today he had this this update. The four hundred eighty million estimate was made a couple of weeks ago and the fires of now burned over a large area of the country that means over hundred million mammals reptiles have been affected by the fires truly a wide It's probably over. A Billion Hidden Dickman has forty years of experience working across Australia. He told the world's Patrick win. Conditions at animals. There are now facing. This really is his unprecedented. I think there's nothing quite compared with the with the devastation. That's that's going on such a large area so quickly it. It's monstrous in terms of job and numbers of individual animals. Affected gives us a better idea not to be morbid but how these creatures are dying are we talking about about actually being burned to death smoke inhalation or starvation. What are the different scenarios here? Despite flames is the is the most obvious and some of the images of Koalas all is bring home. What that's like most vividly at the fire front five thousand talked about the shrieks and Koalas just screams of pain as they as they die? It's his horrendous brothers. Have size in tree hollows Hep stars minute ago. Too deeply underground. Smoking elation will be a real problem for the others it's probably a slow demise species that gal underground and then reemerge after the fires have gone through this really nothing except dash on the surface. So it's very difficult to find resources. Australia is known for. It's just amazing. Wildlife Diversity so are we looking at the extinction certain creatures being hastened by this is I think we are. We know that Australian biodiversity has been going down over the last several decades AK DHS. And it's probably fairly well known that Australia's got the world's highest rate of extinction for mammals. and Vince like this that may well hasten the extinction in process for a range of other species so it's it's a very sad time. What creatures are you really feeling for right now? This is something called the greater glider. It's it's the world's largest gliding mammal. It looks a little bit like camping gizmo from the one of movies some years ago. It's restricted victims the eucalypt forests. It's got a diet. That's even more restrictive than the Koala They'll be cooked in the in these. Fires the yellow bellied gliders will. It's enough stunningly beautiful marsupial. Very well known there again restricted to the U. Clip Florists and they're going to be very susceptible to these to these fires. How have of human beings helped create the conditions for this crisis? What we're seeing is? The effects of climate change sometimes said to that Australia's the collide the canary in the online with the effects of climate. Change being seen here most severely and earliest as well so a would probably looking at climate change my look for many of the parts of the world stages in Australia at the moment professor Dickman. Your demeanor demeanor. Seems very calm but do think it's time for people to freak out and if so what should they be doing in response to this. I think there's a feeling among environmental scientists wanted an ecologist in Australia. We've been frozen out of the the bite certainly out of policy making and think it's now time to bring the scientists back into the tent to look at what is likely to be happening over the next few decades and to think how this week and maintain both the M mm community in in good health and is not bottom. -versities can be retained to this evolving situation. That's Chris Dickman ecologist at the University of Sydney in Australia Australia. He was speaking with the world's Patrick win. Now back to our main story today Iran and the targeted killing of Iranian General Hossam Soleimani. President trump has vowed vowed to target Iranian cultural sites that is if Iran retaliates trump tweeted that the US would hit fifty two sites one for each hostage. Taken in nineteen seventy seventy nine in Tehran and the president said the strikes would be very fast and very hard. There was an instant backlash worldwide because bombing cultural sites could constitute sued award crime. ONA hathaway's professor of international law. Yale would striking cultural sites in fact the illegal yes. It's very clearly illegal under a number number of international laws. The Nineteen O. Seven Hague Convention prohibits hitting cultural sites as does and I think Fifty Four Hague Convention attention on Cultural Property which the US has also ratified and in. Your opinion was an important to protect cultural sites. Well it's the heritage of all mankind and these are not just the possession of the countries that they happen to be in but they're important to all of us these important cultural sites and matter in terms of our defining finding our own humanity so president trump over the weekend said Iran is quote allowed to kill our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites. I mean he was essentially essentially questioning the very premise of this protection. I'm wondering though. Is there a point to be made That humans are more precious than buildings. There's no doubt that humans are more a precious than buildings but this is not a case of are making a choice between the two. What he's suggesting is that if they break the rules and we can break the rules as well but that's not how international humanitarian law works? These rules are in place to ensure the safety of civilians and of our cultural heritage heritage and the mere fact that Iran may have acted in violation of international. Law doesn't mean that we can or should go bombing a set of important important cultural sites in Iran if the US were to follow through on this threat what would be the ramifications. Could trump be tried the Hague or somewhere else. It does appear that if he were to carry this out not only he. But those who participate in the operation would almost certainly be guilty guilty of a war crime under US law In fact it would be possible to prosecute him and anyone who participates in US US court there could potentially be international or crimes prosecution as well although where that would take place a little more difficult because the US is not party to the International Criminal Court. Would that in your view realistically ever happened. I think that it's not unbelievable to imagine that there could be prosecutions of those in the. US Government Mint if they knowingly participate in intentionally participate in intentional violations of The Hague convention whether that prosecution would happen president at hard to say but there's no reason that he should be above the law. If trump ordered the strike. Could the military refuse to carry out the order Knowing that maybe they'd be guilty of war crimes that they follow through puts them in a terrible position. There are two things to be said here on the one hand if someone is prosecuted for war our crime. It's not a defense to say I was ordered to do it on the other hand to refuse an order also put someone in a position of potentially being court court-martialed and so puts individual members of the military and a really terrible position so I hope we don't get there but if we do many are are sending the message to members the US military in those who would play a role in carrying out this attack that if they do so they are potentially subject to war crimes prosecution and that Dave should refuse the order even though that might bring with it some consequences ONA hathaway professor of international law at Yale University. Thanks very much thank thank you so much. It's a tense time for undocumented immigrants in the US even more tense for parents. There's often no way for them to appoint a guardian for their children. If they're detained other states children have been taken inch custody of the stage and then they will be placed in foster care and foster homes so Rhode Island came up with a solution that still head. You're on the world I'm Marco Werman this is the world where a CO production of the BBC World Service W. Gbh Boston NPR rx. The events in Iraq and Iran have overshadowed another major military incident this weekend. Extremists attacked a US military installation on the Kenya. Somalia Malia border and killed three Americans. The world's Lima Conde is following the incident so extremist forces attacking US military base. It sounds a lot like what happened in Iraq last week but this is Kenya. What's going on so Iran does not have anything to do with this attack? The attack was by L. Shebab which is an extremist group in Somalia only a- and the group itself as well as the US military has acknowledged that al-shabaab was behind this attack. al-shabaab has a long history of attacking targets in the area area where the Kenya Defence Force based is located Even last January. They attacked an hotel and I ruby killing more than twenty people so they have a long history of waging attacks in Kenya and Somalia. I spoke with Matt bearden. Who is with the think tank Sahan that focuses on the Horn of Africa? He says Iran is not behind in dead. I think it's highly unlikely. There was any link between the killing of Caribbean Major General and the Shibata attack in Kenya primarily early because an attack of the kind that al-shabaab carried out on Mandalay Bay would have required significant planning preparation. Even just moving the forces into position would have predated the American air strike. So I really don't think these two issues can be linked late today the US Department of Defense released a statement agreeing that Iran is probably not involved in this attack however they did caution that Iran has been trying to increase its influence in the Horn of Africa region..

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