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Eight seven to nine. Three seven seven six. It is shocking to say the lease. It really is. Can't believe what I saw. Can't believe it. The saints will recover to some degree. They'll get over this to some degree. But this is the kind of stuff. This is going to happen. Shitting happen. But in the end, the Dallas Cowboys defense Israel. That's the takeaway from this game. Ladies and gentlemen, the offense. Wasn't that? Great. There wasn't anything to write home about. But that defense is something special. And I am a fair minded, man. I have to give respect and fairness when it's due. I always liked Jalen Smith coming out Notre Dame. Always liked him nasty, knee, injuries, whatever. But are always liked him and Vanda. Russia's impressed me and Byron Jones. Jones's impressed me as well and DeMarcus Lawrence, I got nothing to say that brother backed up to talk. Major major props to him not sold on the offense though. And I still don't think the Cowboys going to play okay? Edit eight say ESPN, it's edited seven to nine three seven seven six another story. I wanted to get to. Was is still stays within the NFC east. But it's an entirely different reason and something far less innocuous than a comments. What a discussion that. I just had. The Washington Redskins as those of you know. Decided to grab Reuben foster off the waiver. Why he was waived by the San Francisco forty nine after he was cited for a second semester. Violence charge. In Tampa last weekend, the same girl that he was accused of last may. Of of of committing domestic violence against the same girl who admitted in court that she lied on him the same girl who according to reports. Had lied on a previous boyfriend in regards to domestic violence issues that same girl that same person. Who Reuben foster decided to take Tampa with him? For their game against the buccaneers last weekend. Ultimately, he gets cited. For the domestic violence charge. As a result. The forty Niners. Let him go two days later the Washington Redskins claimed him. Two days later right off the waivers. No other team claimed him. No the team had tried to. The Philadelphia Eagles inquired by him by calling the police station to get some information on a police report, the Washington Redskins didn't even do that..

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