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And I'd be happy to Jeff thank you service master superior cleaning and restoration is twenty five years in the medication restoration in detail cleaning cleaning services business the ownership of my greedy and scout for vizio have been in place from the beginning our current corporate location in Stamford Connecticut put our production facilities out of port Chester New York our primary services not only includes Westchester and Fairfield County but New York City and we are a sizeable franchise with over twenty vehicles including box trucks vans which truck mounts all employees and are project managers and technicians were branded uniforms and are trained and certified license certifications include as a ServiceMaster quality restoration vendor we're both clean and restore we have the institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification and we also enjoy New York state department a lady labor mold remediation license but what are the best ways to reach service master well we have a very easy eight hundred number eight hundred five hundred five five five eight and certainly on the web very detailed information regarding the the services and the extent of that we provide and that's W. W. W. dot service master S. C. I. dot com thanks bye but you said earlier this week that your company is deeply involved with cove it nineteen bio hazard cleanup situations and that it provides preventative considerations for mitigating the risks associated with the infection you added that service master has performed cleanup processes on a presumptive exposure for a confirmed case in a medical building end that your company has agreements with Westchester and Fairfield County Connecticut school districts should those districts we choir emergency mitigation services let's begin with preventative considerations for mitigating the risks associated with this infection please explain the actionable plans for businesses that your company is stressing I will share with you but just sent in just let me first share a little bit about what covert nineteen is okay good I started as a respiratory illness reported from one hundred with China that was in two thousand nineteen the world health organization name Neil illness C. O. V. I. D. dash nineteen covert nineteen the call stands for corona the V. I. stands for virus and D. for disease nineteen refers to the year the was first reported that was in two thousand nineteen and certainly I mean we we can go over and it's been stressed on media at at very strong length what those prices.

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