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Joel. The resentment the hissing rage. In that. Made me wince. When i when i heard it i'm like oh my god. This guy is unleashing fifteen years of stop laughing at me. I'm gonna cut all your heads off. Because the level of anger and resentment. There is not something. I've seen publicly vocally from an athlete. I don't think ever there. I was so terrified. Who's gonna say something. inappropriate. About rachel nichols and outside. Please move past this moment. i. I didn't know where he was going with. A with a thank god he got out of that thing terrible about her but yeah man i mean that's just not the stuff that people make you know go Normally that sort of stuff that get you know you say when you're ready to fight and i think that you know we were sorted. Appoint with it's clear. The quami brown wants to do something or he actually back up for second. This is matt arms when he attacked derek fisher and that story came out that actually sort of boost boosted the perception of matt bars like oh memoirs released. Dude you will come fight. You know what i'm saying like. He'll drive ninety miles away to come fight you over his pride in over his woman or whatever and kwami brown did was actually take the steam out of that and make him look like a clown coward or something you know like the thing that that we use. We talk about met bars. Is that dude. He will come. Fight you calm. Calming brown actually turned against him In a way. And so. I guess that was the best way that he could think of to diminish barnes and judging from the way the people of respondents it worked Yeah just mad. Like i said quoting brown man. He's just a really he's he's really hurt and he's lashing out and that's sort of stuff that you just have never heard before like you said i mean i guess i haven't been people have been talking shit about me for the last year so if i if i've been in that situation maybe finally given the opportunity to speak on something like that. Maybe i would respond in the same way. I would hope not. But you'd hope that you you that some of the anger would diminish over time but clearly requirements has a. Do you wonder if he's okay. Yes very much so I mean man. Salt lake watching these videos like the last year and he looks really lonely. Really angry really sad like it didn't seem like he has very great relationships with his children. The mother of his children by reps like seeing that keeps coming up over and over again. It actually would think he steven jackson so to be able to bond over that. Because if you watch stephen jackson's videos like that's one another one of the things he's dislike yo on by really you know. Teach all always upset at the mother of his children. So you would think high gravy they would have that bond over but duck but kwami is really really In a in a weird sad place and You know like. I just watch this unfold over the last year and just kind kinda hope you know. Somebody can help him or did he. Neto do with this anger in a more productive way. Like which isn't to say that he doesn't have a right to defend him so but it just seems like a dude who sort of on the edge and some hopefully somebody kinda help real back from that joel. The reason that i wrestled with even delving into all of this as subject matter. Because i know how good the content is and i know how interesting it is but i'm worried about where all of that can actually escalate to because kwami brown is so fed up that i'm hearing him talk like i've never heard an athlete talk publicly. He's going after two guys specifically with their street credibility and what. You're talking about with stephen jackson when his public incidents and private incidents have been like he comes from dark hard place and he runs that dark hard place. And as all of this escalades. Maybe stephen jackson stays professional baby. Some of the people that stephen jackson knows don't have time for any of this and so i see escalating. I'm like this can end up in a really bad place for a lot of people because you never see this play out in public. No matter how many professional wrestling elements we can have in soap opera stuff when fiddle around with it right. I mean matt. Barnes and stephen jackson made their names on not necessarily have the best discretion when it comes to picking and choosing their fights right And we didn't know this about kwami. The quami might be that same guy but like the stories that have emerged even gillard ubad arenas talk about. Hey you know. I've seen palm fight dudes bar and jump on people's heads and beat people up. I don't want us problems. So it's like three very intense combustible people all have a beef with each other and yeah you just hope that. Maybe there's a way that they can walk some of this back. maybe they. They could invite him on their podcast in a much more calm fashion and they can just talk this out but it doesn't seem like that doesn't as leader suit. But i would say this. That stephen jackson a matt barnes like they did respond to kwami browns fire with fire and to me. That indicates don't either they. They know the quami is sort of a loose cannon or they noted themselves like we have nothing to gain by engaging him on this level and this new cycle will pass. And we'll go back to our show and our showtime show and we'll be fine so it looks like that's the way the handle on it. But i mean kwami still probably go hop on g love day and hop on youtube. It doesn't seem that he's done with them yet. It would be great if he can actually fashion some sort of media career off of their backs because they they got at least partially where they are. Because they're not afraid of anything. I think gilbert has already walked it all back. Gilbert has run away from all of this this is not this is not his environment. He does not want this fight. I mean he said it. He's he said it inquiry browns post. He's like i want no problem. I want no smoke with this guy. And i mean it's it's understandable again. Courtney browne man key he comes from a very tough family man. I mean again. I listed two of his brothers currently imprisoned his father's in prison a couple of his other brothers who've had trouble with the law and with fighting and all of this stuff so by now man brown. He'll bring you those problems. Gilbert arenas knows that so it's not a surprise that he's trying to you know wretched down the temperature right now so you didn't have to get into this joan. I want you to think about what we're talking about. The only guy we know to have left the league because the gun in the locker room who pulled off. I don't know if he's still in jail. But a guy who made the first okay so that guy wants. No part of is happening here. The guy who it was a gold gun was it not the only guy associated with a gold gun and then getting suspended because after the gold gun. He does finger guns in line. He's like nope. I'm just a gesture here. Thanks i'm out. I'll be like. I said we were told. Pick the good you know saying virus but yet met i mean again quelling brown low key. Tough guy man. I mean he's known for beating up people again if you look at his social media he's a gun collector Subdued who's very comfortable with guns. You know he's at there's a. There's a pitcher on his instagram. I'm sure you've got it. Like is hot tub. He's got a bottle of wine in a gun right there on the edge of the tub so they i mean. Quality browbeat is not to be trifled with and people that all learning together at the same time..

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