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John Anthony Brooks is a little bit specific the way he has to play to give him the contract that I expect he would require, which is if Matt Mia Asuka is a max Tam guy, we're starting to talk. I was told a couple months ago that there was no chance that Brooks wanted to come here for a max Tam deal. Things can change, but that was the stance as of a few months ago. It would be one of the teams that you could look into the future and say, would you spend a DP spot on a guy like John Anthony book? And a lot of teams, I would say no, the quakes I could see that happening. So I get that. And I think the bigger convo is what I want the quake suspended DP spot on the center back. Yes. But I think Brooks needs the game to be played in a certain way to maximize him. And if you don't have the coach in place, who you know wants to play that way, I wouldn't give him the contract today. I agree. I would just say if you're looking at their center backs now, yes, he is a DP. If you're looking at their squad period, he's a DP. But they're not going to win something this year, so what's the point? That's what I'm saying. And that's what I've said. So I agree, but I'm saying in this team, he is a DP. John Brooks is probably the best center back on a number of teams, if not the majority. So, I mean, at the end of the day, San Jose, they're not, they're not going to win anything. They're not going to compete for an cup this year. So I don't think you can really make moves until you've officially hit that reset button and you hire a coach with a long-term vision. At least not high

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