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Yeah jennifer lopez came out and just fucking mixed up the whole game again yeah i mean black girls forever but jennifer lopez came in and made it okay but that being said so they get you know get the helicopter landed against the captain's orders gary abuses like no this suppress party we're gonna do this and so they landed he legally he gets a little bit reprimanded but on that ship you have also tommy lee jones and his timely jones his band and a bunch of caters brought the food from honolulu why they don't need the chefs cooking because they got the food they got the rations they got everything for the ceremonies for the night and here's the weird part to me at this moment because my major reference for tommy lee jones is agent k for men in black like that's what i know as asian que they everything before that everything in between after that he was just kind of like a crotchety old man to me stern he was stern but he was a good characters that's how i know timely jones face that one time that movie was already wasn't attached to that movie like it wasn't and blog i rarely liked men in black that movie was spooky for me so it's weird to me out jim carey in his one piece suit they move you're right yeah i was forever that's bad for forever yeah jim carey freaking out in that movie scared me many weird made a great joker in that film not a great ridler right i haven't seen in ages probably definitely knew that show yeah next batman movie that comes out i think it's twenty twenty one twenty twenty one we'll do those things if i'm still alive and so by thing i'm looking at tommy lee jones in my heart he's thinking old crotchety guy using captain america right wasn't he yeah he play the general you pay general and then he was in a couple of other movies as he lives a lot of westerns general westerns and so this was like a younger punk rock singing tiedye shirt wearing leather bound tommy lee jones with a headband was no way i ever thought i'd ever see this guy.

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