Gaby, Coulter, Donald Trump discussed on Big Biz Radio Show


To fund the wall and they give them chump change for the wall and put up the other gaby gets in there and he's going to require this this is what i ask for they didn't bring him what he asked for i ask because i have to ask this how does doc i have to do with a government shutdown why do you sidecar that deal in this whole thing that's the thing i don't understand what you don't have to because trump won the extended but docket protection last goal late summer a poll he said i'll i'll be a we have to get it done by march we're in january this thing doesn't have to be a part of the uh what the democrats are saying you wanna do it sooner rather than later um it listen trump got elected for a couple of reasons one of what you said i'm the best negotiator and maker that struggle uh a chance to prove but terada's this guy other swoop and so they and makes the mother a wall deal if he does what do you think the story is going to be on may on main street mange mange street we'll white us uh the farright's won't wake at the end coulter in the world would go nuts if he does anything to allow the dreamers to stay or any softening on anything to do with emmigration the farright's gonna go nuts the middle of the country middle of the political spectrum will say who ray broken the jim let's compromise which is the key to politics by the way is compromising and then you make deals and i don't know why he can't uh well i do i tell you why because one of the clause with donald trump is that he hey you got a spot on exactly was of your shirt i mean he he's very reality he doesn't like to and he doesn't like to concede when he's wrong he does and i'm sure he's a good negotiator as long as he's getting his way right.

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