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Hey everybody. We got a great one today and I. Don't usually say that. About we just do. My guest is David Litt who has written a book? His book out it's called Democracy in one book or last how it works why it doesn't and why fixing it is easier than you think. Now I don't judge a book by its cover. I judged by its title, and this title is not great to be honest. you know and I can say that I'm the guy who wrote rush Limbaugh, a big, fat, idiot, and other observations, and lies in lying liars who tell them a fair balance. Look the right. I know a good title. Okay but I knew that David had worked in the Obama White House and he'd been the guy who supervised. President Obama's White House correspondents dinner speeches, his monologues from two thousand thirteen on, and they were all great. Obama just killed at always and the publisher sent me the book and I read. It's great. It's great. It covers everything that's wrong with our democracy, but it doesn't way. It's really insightful, and it's a terrific read. It's funny all the way through not like stuff like hilarious, but still funny. Anyway we'll be talking to him and a bit just a couple of comments about the week about the news How about that Supreme, court the good decisions, two of them on LGBT Q. Rights in the workplace great decision by Neal Gorsuch. for God's sakes six three I do have to say that a Lido's descent was very gay. you know in my opinion? And this one I took personally I am a member of the LGBTQ. Community I'm half a be. Now my experience. With joke is that. I have to explain it be is bisexual. And Half A. B. is okay. That's for the folks who thought the ad for cigarette. aficionado was a real ad that was for real magazine. And and the and who got mad at me, so great decision on Daca Thank God Roberts again on the right side but He won't be on something really awful very soon. I'm sure okay got pizza business. One subscribe. If you subscribe, you'll know when a new one is up next week, a great interview and I mean it with Melvin car. The mayor of Saint Paul so great one so subscribe. I also wanted to give a shoutout to talking feds. It's a podcast of that marie-claire calls the second best political podcast out there. I guess I was I so I was I was just on talking feds with norm. Ornstein, David Frum and the host of of talking heads of course Harry, Littman speaking, which the Al Franken podcast is starting new podcast under our umbrella, and the first one is morning. Ju Sarah Silverman will be in the MEKA spot. and Norm and from and Harry, and we'll be regulars along with ruth. Marcus Michelle Goldberg and Howard Fineman also. pod Damn America with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be coming under our umbrella,.

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