Cortana, Thirty Kilometers discussed on BBC Newshour


Us. I'm your. Now, just about thirty kilometers from the data and just. Adjustable. Woman being carried in. That's just one of the doctors has to say. Seventy eighty hundred twenty cases before I take a day now is like fifty five thirty what are the injuries now? The gunshots in the lower stomach chess, though area of the bodies. When do you see the day when they're willing to be more injured coming to your fuel clinic? I'd say the free. I would say that day maybe as long as the house is still there. We're going to keep sending people here. See the while the who these are in control of data, the Borbon stop about, of course of the control data restores your stay. Like, this will never the new peace deal will work and we'll bring peace DM Madame. This is like ambassador. This is the seventh of bustle was there is no way you have a country, and how it is over there militia grow their mortgage, just like to make like a disturbing in the peace or security in the country. So there has to be a military solution must be controlled all by military's extraordinary yard a few hospital and even receiving something like seventy patients a day from this war. But yet they all say the only way ten this war's by more war. Get a very grim conclusion there from our chief international Cortana at least do set embedded there with Emirati and.

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