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Amazon. Com, Hannity dot com Bookstores everywhere. So let me ask you, and by the way, you had a very special relationship with Kobe and I remember I put I pretty sure I texted you at the time because I knew you were close to him. Um and you loved him. You knew him 41 years. Uh, tell us any anecdote you want about any of these guys? Tom Brady or close to Tom Brady is just the spectacular guy. I have been fortunate up on for the past decade. Sean to have him on the radio every Monday night on the pregame on Westwood wanted at halftime. And he's a special guy. I mean, he is a you know, 31 cities when he was in New England. 31 cities hated him because he wants so much, But if you if you hate this guy, there's something wrong with they love him in Tampa now, so it's down to 30 cities. But if you can't get along with this guy, or you don't see how wonderful he is. You know you better look at yourself because this guy this guy is unbelievably thousands of acts of kindness. He's not doing it for any recognition or acknowledgement. He trusts people. People always ask. How do you How did you gain somebody's trust? What With time? It's easy because Tom Trust himself therefore it's easy for him to trust other people. And if you overstep that You just You just do yourself in. In other words, you hang yourself. He won't end it. You'll end it yourself by doing you know something that you shouldn't do so he's just, um He's been a joy to deal with a true just a fantastic guy. And, you know, look at what all of his teammates say about him. I mean, you can't find a guy who hasn't liked playing with or being around Tom Brady, and it's not just because he wins. It's because of the human being. He is, you know, Nelson Mandela said this to me when I had the chance to spend time with him and ask him some questions. Is anybody that's famous. You don't know. I mean, come on. I'm not kidding, but go ahead. Hey, said something that really applies to Tom. And my Angelou, I believe wrote it for him, but he used it, And he said it to me. It's the most simplistically genius thing I've ever heard. People will forget what you say. And people will forget what you do, but no one will ever forget the way you make them feel every time you want. Tom Brady me. I feel better about myself, and I feel better about him. How many people can you say that about? Tell me about Mike Tyson? Because I've talked to Mike Tyson and I, He's just a It's a It's such a tragedy there, and I don't know, um, on so many different levels, your thoughts. He's the most honest athlete of my lifetime. Mike Tyson is a man of deep and high intellect, Okay? On one shoulder. He has a tattoo of Arthur Ashe and days of Grace and on the other shoulder Chairman Mao. He could re site the Red Book in the tenants of it, Okay. He could tell you about Shakespeare and Napoleon and he is a knows all sorts of history. His life has been a roller coaster. Up and down. He has done despicable acts, things that were heinous, Shawn. Okay, he bit off another man's ear lobe. But let me tell you something about Mike Tyson Holyfield Remember interviewed Amanda. Mike Tyson takes his own medicine. He came out and did that interview He didn't hide behind some PR statement or some spin. Four days later, he came out and explained, and gave his reasoning as to what had happened. I'll tell you one of the insights in the book and talking to goats. Grope me a letter when he was in the penitentiary, a hand written letter for five pages long song. And on the second page came to my house. Inexplicably, we weren't social. It had been opened by penitentiary officials on the second page. It said, Mr Gray. That's what he called me. They will let me go tomorrow. If I will admit to this rape, however, I did not rape this woman and I will never admit to something I didn't do next paragraph. However, there are four or five other things that I've done throughout the course of my life. They're worse than what I'm accused of. Therefore, I feel I'm in the right place At this time. I did the first interview with him when he came out of jail, and I asked him could I repeat that letter on the air or was a private He said, Ask me anything you want. So I asked him that question What was worse. He looked at his lawyer looked back at me, he said. It's probably best not to answer that question on national television, because I don't know the statue of limitations. But let me tell you what I wrote. You is true. And then in the special, I asked him about that again. What was worse, Mike and he said, Karma, Buddy Karma, all the things that I did. Jail was good for me Jail with fascination for me. It's all in the book talking to goats. It's on Hannity dot com, amazon dot com and bookstores everywhere. What an incredible life you've led and I'm honored to be able to call you a friend on top of all of this, And you know, I You know, I know this has been a rough political season pandemic. It's been a tough year. You know, anarchy everywhere. It really has helped me in the last. You know, since you gave me an early copy it I've been reading it. You know, that's the only thing that really has been helping me on the white in late at night, and I got to thank you for that. I think everybody really will enjoy what an incredible life you've led. What a great person you are. And I love learning about different people, especially people stars that we all love and admire Amazing It's called talking to ghosts. No. Okay, never. We've never had a conversation about politics, and.

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