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They web through a scoreless overtime periods so they had to go to the shootout it turned out to be four shooters aside in a rarity the home team decided to defer and let the visitors go first so the predators got all the aid kyle terrorists was able to score in the predators first shot to make at one nothing and then the coyotes getting a gold to tie it up little hesitation score from oliver reck when larsson tying things up uh as the third shooter kevin fiala then a deacon toronto but rob to made the save so they had to go to the extra route and then it was craig smith scoring to give the predators the victory here this evening two one is the final i'm sorry was cousin to score to tie it up as i i have horrible handwriting here tonight scrambling all this stuff down cousins as one who scored the tie it up and then force as it turned out the extra round of the shoot up as a craig smith scored to end it and the predators win the shootout two one and take the game by a final score of three two so the predators record is now against the coyotes one all in one with one match up remaining on march the fifteenth in glendale overall nashville now twenty seven eleven and six fifteen foreign to on home ice and now even in the shootout at foreign poor the coyotes ten twenty eight and nine on the road five fourteen and six and they are one and four in the shootout so nashville winds this one three to it goes down the outshot the opposition thirty nine twenty and now have two games remaining on a homestead saturday night against the florida panthers they will be hosting the vegas golden knights tomorrow night down in sunrise and then tuesday night they will host the tampa bay lightning and the lightning have their problems with the golden knights tonight down on the gulf coast of florida as the golden knights prevailed in that one our thanks to you for tuning in here this evening it took a little extra time with the predators come away with the victory over the arizona coyotes three to excuse me i just wanted to say on behalf of the fans the organization and.

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