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Well Listen Nick. You said Jalen hurts as they're you know if Carson wins gets hurt Greg Carson. Wentz gets hurt that that's what he's done that's what he does. I do you buy Doug Peterson insurance by it to Nick's point I didn't need to be said but you know something always feels good when it is said publicly and specifically to the individuals on I'm positive that Carson Wentz appreciated it however we know the track record that Carson Wentz has and that's him being injured we also realized that they're only super bowl that they've won with Carson Wentz. Being on the team was with him not under center. It was Nick Bowl. So they've been in a position where Carson Wentz has been spectacular and then gone down to injury and they had to rely on their second quarterback who was nick. Foles was still got the job done if you listen to the interview that how. Rosement did and he talked about their philosophy with quarterback and he talked about them not allowing one position. Whether it be offensive line quarterback whatever position is to derail them in achieving in accomplishing their goal. I love this philosophy. I love this mentality. No receiver or no running back or any other positional team would fill like what they just took another running back what they took another wide receiver. I never once felt like that every time. Degree may packers drafted a receiver. Because I understood it was for the betterment of the team. So when you look at these teams that decide to do what the Philadelphia Eagles has done. And then say to their quarterback. You'RE STILL OUR GUY. It's like relax. You know you're our guy we wanna make sure everyone knows your guy just in case they forgot. We just gave you this contract extension but we also want to ensure that if anything were to happen to you which we hope does not happen. We are still going to accomplish the goals that we set out. I love it. I understand that..

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