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I feel like we were taught as a kid like sciences this but we weren't taught that the science evolves and as data comes in science changes so you had some messaging in the beginning of the pandemic as it changes people are saying see they said this and now they're saying that with just a lack of understanding that as data comes in science is always evolving and changing right. Yeah i think that's a really excellent point. I think something that we've learned over. The last few years is that we really need to be teaching sciences. The process not science as the fax and so different educational systems will teach science differently. And so like. I remember when i was in catholic school. Sandy from in bensalem. Like i we would just like be copying line for line the science textbook but not doing science not learning the house and the why is and the process and so took college until i was really like doing that. And so that's something that needs to come earlier and one of the things i think is so important. Is that right now in our education system. We are We we separate people too early and we teach them different stuff so like we take the kids who maybe should be going to like the advanced placement or honors classes and we give them like rigorous hardcore science and math. And then everyone else we say. Okay we'll maybe scientists for you. Let's give you like some a watered down version of science. That's a real problem because even if you're not going to become a scientist you still have to have. I'm not saying make the classes super hard. I'm not saying like prep them to go to graduate school unnecessary but teach them scientists process and teach them like everything that sort of thing. Change the approach. So that you don't end up with the like the scientists and then a bunch of science less science literate folks and so we need to kind of build it back from the ground up people get good just going to say like you know. There's i think a thing that i'm coming across a lot and i feel like a lot of things is systems related and how our systems were broken and we didn't really realize it and this the pandemic i think the trump aaron general but the pandemic specifically has really kind of opened our eyes to allow things. Were really way. More broken than ever acknowledged. Do you do you think that again like is there. Is there a silver lining to our eyes being opened or are we so far behind the apl that you're worried that we won't get back. I tend to be an optimal generally. So i'm i'm glad that we're realizing it now. I mean i'm sure it's frustrating that it's taken us so long to realize what's wrong like even look at how we taught teach history right like we teach it in such a way that gives the idea that the united states history of the united states is like is wonderful and exceptional and no. It's a horror show from finish this. I.

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