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Today's show now that the William Morris endeavor talent agency has filed to take self public. We get a rare look inside the belly of a Hollywood beast and Randall park, and Allie Wong co wrote and starred in the Netflix movie always be my maybe Wong who's mostly been a stand up comedian plays a celebrity restaurant tour. I think when you're a chef that does this like tacky food. It's kind of like being a hacky comic right where it's like doesn't taste good. Even though it looks nicer, whatever, and it's like funny, even though it sells tickets all that coming up on the frame. From ABC news. I'm Nick Roman with the stories. We're covering at seventy one out of the state assembly. And on its way to the state Senate is the compromise Bill the titans, the guidelines for when police officers and sheriff's deputies in California can use deadly force Coron guidelines, say law enforcement officers must show that using deadly force was reasonable to protect their lives or the lives of other AB three Ninety-two would move that standard to necessary, but it doesn't set down, what necessary means San Diego. Democratic assemblywoman Shirley Weber says the high profile shootings recently pushed her to write the Bill, but she also thanked those who opposed it, because opposition helped me to understand the depth of their concern and helped me, also to appreciate the fact that this had to be a Bill that had some balance. There's also a companion Bill that increases law enforcement training to local eighth graders are headed to tomorrow's finals in the scripts, national spelling bee, you can watch. Asia Rhonda wa of corona in nNcholas to say of Tustin, try to win it all first round Thursday morning at seven on ESPN two second round five thirty tomorrow night on ESPN fifty spellers advanced to the finals. It's seven oh two. KPCC supporters include Amazon prime video and the Amazon original series. The marvelous MRs Mazel from.

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