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The bay area and became a member of the group in time to nap most famous crimes in the 1970s the kidnapping of patty hearst to wwas gbcsh from her home uh state underground for some time and was next seen holding a gun on the scene of some sla crimes including a robberies at least one murder a bank robbery in the bay area in which a woman a young mother of several kids was murdered myrna saul was her name and by the way wait it tells you a little something about the hypocrisy of the city's laugh because of course this woman who was a native of a bogdan leg of the twincity adam she is nato the twin cities but she moved the twinsies after the symbian is me early brake army was largely killed enbw again 1974 nineteen 75 and a shoot off with the los angeles swat teams nato sara jane olson was one of the ones who escaped who was not caught she was suspected of planting a bomb under at oakland police car the bomb never went off the officers were were safe but it was an attempt on on their lives in in the furtherance of what is was at the time by any description a terrorist activity a terrorist enterprise she fled changed her name moved to where else the twin cities married a young up the doctor i believe a hand lived as a change your name and lived as as a fashionable liberal in highland park change your name is kathleen salaya and maybe in the other way around catholics lie was her original aim and sara jane olson was her lips her cover when she moved to highland park where she lived as a democrat activist and hobnobbed with the elite of the twin cities metric rat bill oligarchy and when she was arrested by the fbi on these twenty at the time year old charges of participating in a terrorist criminal conspiracy that had among its byproducts number of robberies a number of attempts on people's lives one murder that of myrna opsahl's well as the kidnap the twin cities metric elite raised well over a million dollars for her legal defence and because and by the way also be clown themselves by bagged asking loudly in the in the sort of tone of.

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