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And it's not, it's not bad. I mean, 8 minutes is nothing, walk around, hold your phone and upload to honor. All right, and then the second part of the question. And for the second question about, is it about the episode or the podcast itself? It's technically about both because you never know where a new listener is going to come in to your podcast, like which episode. So the first thing I always tell people is talk about your podcast briefly for about one to two minutes and that gives you about a thousand characters and then talk for about 5 minutes about your episode. And you'll get the rest of hopefully you'll get the rest of those 4000 characters. So yes, both. Out of curiosity, this is your exact show notes or you like write some show notes and then you add this just under the show notes for the SEO. One thing I notice is that people don't really read the show notes, okay? So I don't really worry about what's in my show notes, except for maybe some grammar, but I think that the show notes are very important for search engine optimization, not for human beings, right? Because normally people just click the play button. So yeah, max out whatever you can. And don't worry about what they look like. Okay. I'm going to say if my team starts doing more of this for our clients. If we do, I'm going to keep with the 6 part show note system that we already have, because it's legit. And then we might just add at the end we might add some type of additional script about what that is. Maybe we'll use otter, maybe we'll use something like that. But that's valuable. It is coming to the time that we should be ending this episode because my listener only has so much time. So we won't make them listen for three or four hours. But there's already been tons of value. And one of the big quotes that I got, I've got a couple of quotes. I like Google wants content. They're not really looking for all of the specific meta tags and using the right words that are searchable keywords..

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