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Alan. Why Bella's Whether it's one of the original or the original writer, I should say Loren Michaels Satellite Live work with Gilda Radner, John Belushi, rest of the not ready for trying time. Never say that not ready for prime time players who came up Allen, who came up with that term, not ready for prime time players. It was a wonderful writer on the show who is older than the rest of us. They was her sergeant. First sergeant was like a a legend. Ryan. They're produced. The show called That was the week. That was if you remember that And I don't know if he wrote for radio. But he was there at the instance CIA television and when we started, we were all in early and mid twenties and heard was About 54 you know, so he was like the elder statesman and hey, was the one who came up with that name. That's great. Originally Chevy Chase now that I don't know the history, but I heard he did one year And then he laughed because he had a girlfriend that he followed and pursued the Los Angeles Is that true? Well, he was there for one year and a couple of shows. Into the second year. The show premiered in October of 1975. Let me think out loud here, So he was there through the fall in the spring of 76. He was there for a couple of shows in the fall of 76 leading up to election. 1976 elections because he impersonated Gerald Ford, right? I like that. He then left the show. Hey, had a girlfriend on the West Coast. But he also signed a deal where he did a number of specials for NBC. Oh, I see. Okay. Hey, you know, there's there's always been A rumor that there was massive, you know, drugs or cocaine used in the show. Did you ever see anything like that? No, nothing. I was noticed. That's great. But you know that show Alan. It didn't seem as political back Then, as it is now, you know, you can watch it as Republican or Democrat, and you never knew which side it tilted. Now it's completely obvious. Well, you know something back then it was always a little left of center. You know a little Yeah. And it was always a little left said when I was there, but, you know now you got a guy who, Ah, in office that almost writes your material for you. You should get checked by the way he should be on the credits. Well, he deserved something. It is as a dis about you know, Dr Douchey, but he retweets Chuck Woolery. We'll be back into into. Hey, there was a you know, speaking of selling jokes, I know that usedto write jokes and sell them to comedians. My dad never bought or purchase a joke before until he met a guy that I'm sure you knew. Very well, Pat McCormick, You probably pat right? I met him through my friend Buck Henry, who used to host that. I know a lot about Pamuk was crazy. Oh, a hammock comic. I mean, his stories of Valium will legendary. Oh, yeah. Like Carson's big writer, right for as right, But yeah, but he was writing for Carson and Hay and my he did a joke. He also did stand up and he wrote a joke. And my dad said Can I Can I buy that joke from you? And Pat McCormick was thinking, you know, maybe $10 a $20 my dad gave him a check for $500. And I still remember the joke. I'll tell you the joke and second, but he gave me a check for $500. And Pat McCormick came back the next day and gave him 50 additional jokes. My dad, So what is this? Because well, I usually sell ajoke for $10. You give me 500. I owe you another 50 chokes. That's that's amazing. From what I understand. He was a joke machine. And, Yeah, I know that when I was writing jokes back then it was I got $7.5 dollars. About right? Yeah. So the joke that my dad bought the very first joke on I think the only one he ever purchased, but the joke was on Pama Corn wrote it, he said. My doctor has beyond so much fiber. I'm actually passing wicker furniture. Buck Henry told me that Pat McCormick will go into a supermarket. And he would say that the cashier when he got there from the line, he says, is this enough for it'll taper for this food I'm buying. Hey, was he was fantastic. He's the only guy that could get away with wearing plaid on DH stripes. A striped pants in the plaid shirt goes out. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, he was. He was great. I love the stories that you know they come out of. You know the your generation. I think they're really great. There's never any nobody ever really worked. Ah, Blewett was fun, and it was and it was something that was difficult to do. And you guys didn't work. A three hour day you were working 18 hours a day to 20 hours a day on that show, I imagine Well, Yeah, we think that it was a live show every week. And you got to work on Monday and it was basically nothing was nothing on the board. What did they pay you every week. You remember what your salary was initially Oh, yes, but me, it wass. I want to say $325 a show. Wow, I don't want a show. It was the most money I'd ever seen in my life. But if you prorated it you realize the amount of hours you work in getting up 12. Alright, Alan, hold on sec were going if you can stay with us will come back and talk about all the things you have. Including my life, helping people helping funny people be funnier on DH, the audio version of the book that came out I think, just yesterday on July 21st and we'll talk about Twitter and your website as well. Alan Zweibel is with us. Very funny man. The original writer for Senate Live will continue talking without looking back. We're live on Ko Phi more now. California has.

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