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When it goes all the way to the top. How do you turn around the trends like that? If Mr McNair called you and asked you for some advice, what would you give him? Um You gotta change everything like you know, you've basically got a step aside, You got to get rid of, you know the handpicked guys that you literally just pick to take over the team and start fostering a partnership with the guy was most important player. In the organization. But I think if he wanted to hear that he would not have done all this in the first place and they would be in this situation. You know, I think that that's something that He doesn't want to hear, and he's not gonna hear it, even if somebody directly said that home so it it seems like a situation that is kind of unsalvageable because once once the owner and the player across pads, I mean I don't know how you come back from that with a month. You know, One of the two of them is willing to sort of eat crow. And I think in this case, the players and the right and it seems far less likely that the owner will be crowed in the player would So I don't know how you get back from that in Seattle. It's a different situation of a far less hands on ownership situation and basically comes down to the coach running the franchise, the face of the franchise. He's the head of personnel as well as being the guy on the sidelines. All 16 weeks during the regular season. Um, which of the two situations is easier to fix? If there is to be a reconciliation? Is it easier in Seattle, where you don't have an owner whose hands on or is it easier down in Houston, where one guy can basically dictate things might not work out for the best, But he can certainly make a decision and say, No, we're going this way. I think it's way easier to sell them in Seattle just because they've had a lot of stuff together before, and that's not really the case and Houston. There's also you know more of a pre existing relationship in Seattle specifically between Russ and MP Carol. You know there's not really a preexisting relationship between the film Watson and Kallick there, you know Bob McNair was the owner before that, and it's not necessary like he had the greatest relationship with players, either. It's something there's no sort of. There's nothing to fall back on, like, Oh, remember in 2013. When everything was good, like the Seahawks have, you know, it's also like Do you two of the seven year old coaches? A 30 year old quarterback That seems like a pretty easy choice to me. Um, but when I do you choose the owner or the 25 year old quarterback. I mean, I think the owner is gonna choose the owner. Every time. Yeah, that's pretty much a given. We're talking to General Dubin from CBS. Sports Star comment If I'm right here with us on CBS sports radio there certainly further down the road with the corn. If it comes to, uh, the mindset of the owner, as you suggested it should and probably will, But it's irreparable and they can't go backwards and they do have to trade Did you want watch into this part? They told anybody who will listen. Well, that's nice that his name keeps coming up. We have no plans on trading him at some point that narrative about to change their position has to change. It probably needs to come down before the draft. Where exactly Two months away from the draft. How does Houston layout this timeline? At what point did they want to say Alright? This isn't gonna work. We have to admit it. We have to do what best that we can cling to and tell the universe. We're not trading them, but buying closed doors for as long as we can keep it behind closed doors. We're going to ferret out what kind of deal we can make. When do you think that process begins? I mean, I think there's one of two times I think it's either happened, you know, right around the start of free agency or the right around the few days leading up to the draft, you know those air kind of a time where He was gonna be deciding what their quarterback situation is going to be, Um, you got you want to get it done before that, because obviously want to be able to get your replacement for just Sean Washing whoever that is. I think, ideally, you want to get into the top two or three picks in the draft, so that I mean, ideally, you want to get the number two if you can so that you get you know the best non Trevor Laurence quarterback on the board. Whoever you decide, that is Um, if the Sean doesn't want to go to the Jets, that gets a little bit more complicated because you're looking at trading him somewhere else and then packaging. You know additional assets to try to move up the board and that gets more difficult, especially if the jet you want to be there and take a quarterback in the first place. Um, but, I mean, I think that those are sort of the two different timelines. You know, teams are gonna be looking to fill their quarterback of the future spot in free agency. Unless they're thinking we can get somebody in the draft. In that case, you say, hey, would you rather the Sean watching instead? And then we can pick in your spot. So those air sort of the two different routes taken go? I think, speaking of the draft. If this were a normal NFL year, we would have just wrapped up the combine in Indianapolis. And there'd be a heck of a lot more draft buzz on because Guys would move up and move down with their performance on the stopwatch under watch the ball the scout. Well, it's got they're gonna have to do without this year, and that puts an extra effort this unproved day workouts. I'm sure the scouts aren't happy about it because the more information is always the better information. Are there Is there a specific teams are all Ghoshal parts? A team the group of teams. Did you think arm or well suited to take advantage of this handy Capt. Evaluative Year Or Is it basically the same for everybody? I think it's probably just the teams that have more picks are gonna wind up doing better. The draft is an inexact science in the first place. And you know the best way to not necessarily defeat it. But the game it is to give yourself a many rolls of the dice is possible and that obviously involved having more and more pics. You get Seems that out, you know, instead of just seven picks want anyth round If they've got compensatory picks that they got for losing for agents, or if they've got you know additional picks from trading players in the past. I think those were going to be the team that are best positioned to come out. You know, with the right players quote unquote from this draft just because they have more chances to do it. And when you're working with less information, it's always better to give yourself more rolls of the dice. That said. I think teams with, you know, strong analytics department. Might have sort of a leg up to just because if you're not getting, you know the work out, you have to rely on something else. Everybody scouting the same games. So you need to have, you know a little bit extra oven edge. And if you have teams that are looking into sports, science or things like that, you know if you have Players that are not running the 40 yard dash, for example. But you want to know how fast the player is. You know you have your analytics department call up and say, You know how fast is the chip on his shoulder pads that he was running in a game? And then you could sort of use that as a zoo. A proxy for the 40 instead of you know something at an actual work out, So it seems that we're looking at different kinds of information, I think might have a leg up to Jared Dubin, NFL writer for CBS sports dot com. Our guests here on CBS Sports Radio. All right, we had a pretty good turnover. Two top of NFL teams this offseason a bunch of paid coaching changes. Of the group that is starting a new.

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