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That name sounds really familiar. He was in no country for old men. He was the assassin. That's why that name sounds familiar. I, think that guy looks like him. Yeah like would it like paid to him like that of looks really familiar. Now's the. Doctor did seem familiar, but I couldn't place sort of Scott though. Yeah, he did. He looked a little jacked up though he would like. He hasn't slept in days. Talk about a tortured soul, yeah! So we open up with. scuttled Scotty boy. And Dr Wax Irs Office talking about his psychic abilities. But his are basically like he has to touch something. Yeah. Whereas everyone else Kinda just. Sees. The future can control other people's minds, or that's right. He wasn't he like Like electric a cat or something yeah. And then the poor guy walks to his car. And gets stabbed. But we never see the actual killer now. In that whenever the he whenever he was stabbed in the. Didn't move up. In their, he basically got gut it essentially. It reminded me a scream when people who yeah. That was very scream, ask. Even Loyd was shot like overhead by the subway. Trains and we see like the dark figure looming in the background YEP. And Scott turns around anybody and they turned around and the other shadow in the window. And then it gets stabbed chest. And that obviously because we're. Dramatic we have to have blood coming out of the mouth to. Those like the thickest like chocolate syrup lead. That was, that was just straight corn syrup. Corn Syrup. Kinda sat out without the LID on it. Yeah, like coagulated yeah. My note says Shit. That kid is killed because he talked. SNITCH get stitches. Yeah, just out works yellow is like the fuck dude. He's been about Roy gave him kill emphatically. Smith, Ya? However you want to say Did you see on twitter the other day that Vasko from supernatural or supra virgin posted his notes like how he takes us notes. In there like how I think you take your nose to save it. They're like power notes. Look like reactions, and it's like what the hell is going on, and you'd think my mind as I'm taking these notes I'm like all definitely know what's going on in the episode based on like Oh. Shit, son, Yeah. Exactly! What was my last week? It's just Oh, wow, w. t. f.. No Sam. Awkward would present even me no now. I go up. It'd be like Durham. Bring in the heat like I. Don't what? Am Son. You got some interesting news. so then we cut after the to like the gorgeous scene by the lake. Where we last left Amandine which again is the most picturesque spot? For them to share a couple of beers and watch the sunset I don't know that seem like such a date spot. That I thought it was Kinda Weird. Is Sam even old enough to drink I mean. Yeah because they were in a bar for finals week. Yeah, I mean he is like what twenty two or whatever twenty two twenty three, though it's like. He does whenever he's talking to Dean like Dad Dean says what Dad. told him and it seems like angry knows wrinkle. has like. Really small his nose wrinkles up like. Know Dean Stop for beer this sitting in the impala? Or the PAL alike Mary poppins bank. Want it, and it's right there deans like I need a couple of cold ones. Polls reaches behind the back seat was go here you go? I know they carry that cooler around, but feel like you never see it. It's like they're close. You never see like suitcases, so who knows? And at the same time like obviously, you never know when you're gonNA. Need a fresh heart to some deem create a force field, so it's true. Maybe. There is Mary poppins bag somewhere. Baby. Maybe it's the trunk and we just don't know. It just looks like a small armory. Their stuff beyond that she who think like there's the false bottom, and then there's like a false bottom. Yeah, just makes me think of. Guardians of the galaxy. Pulpits pitch. Where'd you get that beer? Mary Bitch just take it. Bitch jerk makes a comeback in this episode. Finally. We haven't heard the enduring nicknames. They gave each other. while. I felt so bad, because obviously you can tell when Dean's telling us to stay on that. He didn't WANNA. Say it. At the same time if he didn't say at their, why did he tell him because he knew how Sam would react so part of me is like dean. Want him to do this small part of him. I think that he needed to get off his chest. It was eating away at him and I'd I think he has so much other stuff that eats at him daily that this was just like. He think he needed to get that off. He didn't want to keep internalized that his father told him that he'd eventually have to kill his younger brother. Why me? He did kind of do it for a couple days right true so. And then I felt back like this. You know what let's. We should just lay low. You know we'll. We won't go hunting for a while. We'll just keep a real cool calm collected. Who Go to Amsterdam. He's like they have coffee shops that don't sell coffee. Team. so then obviously, he waits 'til deans. room and sneaks out and steals the car next to the impala. I thought for a second. He was straight up. Celia Pella at that's where I thought he was doing whenever he started breaking the. Unlock it. was like a dodge spirit or something? One of those nineties early nineties cars. Himself to abandoned house at five, six, three, seven Monroe Street which is like the shadiest and most rundown of abandoned houses it's. Shitty Houses next to it I know there was like no street lights. House at the end of the road. Where was this episode? Did we say that? No, you did mention where it's at. Lafayette Indiana. Okay, that's where we are and Sam sneaks in and boom. He explodes. Hold it his leftist shoe, his one, should it oh, my God. Is this a precursor? Is that where shadows that the Easter? Egg This episode for Future Episode I think so Oh my God putting it all together. That's why you need to go back ARY Watch this. I lost a shoe. Lost my shoe. I. That was the one thing I made vine where the guy was dating at the time, who was also like six foot three and we were watching supernatural for the second time for me first time for him together, so we nicknamed I, nicknamed him, Moose pay and his hair progressively got longer to. Only. Him Pretty much so we made a vine to that where I was dean, and he was Sam attack. Somewhere. That's awesome. so then obviously it cuts to girl waking up from a nightmare with some guy next to her. And we get to see Ellen, again Hi Ellen. and. Do you notice how dark Ellen's is our jess? Very dark I was kind of like Ledeen either for a second. Oh, and then.

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