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Continues right now on new 2021, GMC terrain and Katya crossovers. How about 0% financing for 72 months? Or zero for 72 months on all new 2021, Buicks and even with 0% financing, we also have 500 owner loyalty meaning if you own a 2007 or newer Buick or GMC vehicle that's owner loyalty. All offers with approved credit through GM financial, But all this ends June 30th 2021 this month looks like GM inventories will finally be improving. If we don't have it, we'll get it for you. And this month looks like GM inventories will finally be improving to GMC. We are professional grade classic Buick GMC Collins at I 20 in Arlington or visit US at classic Arlington dot com. I'm Charlie Gilchrist was southwest 14. Weatherford, who It's always worth the drive to save the money Right now. At Southwest Ford, we have the all new 2021 Ford F Series truck and the 2021. Ford Bronco Sport arriving weekly. Also, the All new electric Ford Maki is here on the ground. And you've got my word. If Southwest four doesn't have the exact truck or SUV want and Ford makes it, We'll get it for you. Here's a thought. Why not just order a 2022 Ford any model with Southwest Ford? You can get $1000 Ford rebate for early ordering get exactly what you want. And the New Year model. Remember Southwest Fort Case of four line of Ford trucks from the All new 2021 Ford F 1 50 series all the way to Ford's exceptional medium duty trucks. Want to save real money on your next new Ford, then drive west to Southwest Ford Forward Highway off Interstate 20 in Weatherford. Okay,.

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