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Me as well in New Jersey woman is suing tripadvisor and its subsidiary via towards for letting her get her arm broken she's running a camel Jedi sunset camel ride in Marrakech Morocco the camel took off through her she broke her arm lying there in the middle of Morocco with a broken arm and wondered why she ever went there so what was your worst vacation what happened one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five rose Marie in union New Jersey one one point five hi my first day of vacation to need not pack I slipped in the bathroom at a hotel in Aruba and broke my ankle on both sides my husband had to get a cab and take me to the hospital the hotel did nothing thank god I had trip insurance went to the hospital and the doctor said they X. rated you're gonna need plate in pain and surgery so I went home the next day and a week later had surgery with a plate on one side and pins on the other side of the ankle you don't want to have that done in Aruba they didn't offer me now hello and it was on my credit card to so now I was it was a very good doctor very good hospital but that wasn't an option he told me he put a cast on me right there as a home yeah I'm the screws to rose Marie we got them going Hey guys so talk now our tough it would heal by itself would be needed the police if you guys like robot rose Marie thanks for your call Tony in Somerset you're a New Jersey one one point five Hey you guys they don't love you shell thanks Tony Hey so it's not about me it's about my cousin who was a Mexico on vacation this past year fell down in a hot tub broke his arms it was so bad got to the hospital the only thing the offered him was twenty thousand cash to cut the arm all gun hitting me you're not my friend so what do you do it well there was a beep beep another odd they call their insurance company in the U. S. he was he had to take a medevac flight from Mexico to Florida which cost him twenty thousand but the insurance reimburse part of that had surgery and in Florida and is back in New York you know shortly after that arm is still not a hundred percent but you know he's get my they offered to cut it off that is for twenty eight cash while Tony thanks for your call imagine paying someone to have them cut off your arm does it seems I think you should do it for me double edged sword yeah yeah hi Tony thanks for your call ma'am I no idea of these vacation tore is gonna be so costly the second time somebody dropped forty thousand dollars yeah this is a terrible vacations was but that's what we're asking for your worst vacation one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five Susan in Ewing New Jersey one one point five hi I love your show thank you I had to one was just a weekend to go to a wedding and myrtle beach and not I got the neural virus and through us there we go and then I think the whole week I didn't know what was the neural virus and I did not know it how contagious it was so and then on the way back by you know I wasn't throwing up but I had other issues everybody you got everybody in there playing sick on the way down I didn't know it because I didn't know how contagious was yeah I'm sure some people got that I want one bag was I was walking up the ramp and throwing up in the bag he goes for that and I'm like yeah but then I found out longer that everybody where I worked in a nursing home had gotten in on that yeah hi eight is not like the other guy upon I don't want to go on a cruise and then the other thing that happened while I went to Greece with my girlfriend and we are fighting the whole time and while we were there there is on the international news picture my neighborhood the island section of Trenton under water no so the whole time you're there you're like it is my house okay well not the whole time but the half the time that's enough of the time yeah Hey Susan consume your mind with am I gonna have a house to go back to even for just a few hours is enough to put a damper on track okay so which is worse than Joe norovirus totally thrown up and doing other things on vacation or not knowing whether houses okay that's it but there's a chance house would be okay probably not know whether or not your houses okay yeah it's a little feel like it would be like a sign from god that like it like this is meant to happen because like the minute that I go to Greece and then my exact neighborhood is on national news I would think that this is a talk like a targeted attack on me my god I got well wise got so angry at you I don't know but I but why else would this be happening right now it well I'm trying to enjoy my vacation how could I have your home Jim in freehold you're a New Jersey one a one point five Hey guys how you doing origin a two things the first the idea and the first thing was that my wife and I went to a vacation in Mexico and as we as we were landing and getting out of the plane read the car started out to the resort and there was a hurricane coming hurricane Luis and they were abandoning the reason okay as we arrived we had to do everything that we could to catch a flight back that night or early next morning just to get back that was that was pretty nasty only stupidest whenever yeah the stupidest thing was I plan on being called the nerds and back in the nineties we organized an all inclusive trip to the fun club in paradise island this is it was co promoting the dust the resort all everything included flight food everything for like nine hundred Bucks person about thirty people sign on to go with this as we arrived and we're getting into the hotel checking in there is water falling down from the ceiling all through the lobby the lobby flooding with water as with us and thirty people are checking in peoples are getting into their rooms and they start to learn that they either have no toilet negative no plumbing there's no hot water this is just the beginning of it and half of the rooms were even ready for them to get into them yet well yeah because all the water but I think we're up against collection thanks for sharing your story in New Jersey one one point five so what was your worst vacation what happened one eight hundred two eight three one one point five it's four thirty now the latest New Jersey news from NJ one one five dot com a Delaware man accused of bringing a loaded gun and S. feel elementary school has pleaded guilty to a weapons charge forty six year old Thomas.

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