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Support for this podcast and the following message come from. Behind the Irishman the official Companion Union podcast for net flicks is new film. The Irishman Co Star and Comedian Sebastian. MANISCALCO pulls back the curtain on how the film was made with director. Martin Scorsese Z.. And co-stars Robert Deniro Outta Chino. Joe Patchy sharing their experiences filming the crime drama behind the Irishman is available now on Apple. PODCASTS WESTS spotify stitcher. Or wherever you listen to podcasts with new episode drops every Monday. Hi Paula poundstone. It's me Adam felber we have a podcast called. Nobody listens to Paula poundstone. It's a comedy podcast where we bring experts to teach US stuff we need to know and by the way the guy who came to tell us what to do encounter a bear never showed up anyway. It's fun you are guaranteed laughs in every episode. You can't really guarantee laughs. What what if somebody doesn't laugh? We'll get to join us for our next episode. We we have an expert in consumer law explained to us how to defend ourselves against one humorless litigious shut shot in with enough time on their hands to sue US over our unfulfilled claim of guaranteed left in every episode here at maximum dot. Org the head out of the week is Mabel from Green Bank West Virginia. Hey it's Jesse. The year is drawing to a close and remember that now is the perfect time to to give to your local. NPR member station. You can make a difference in your community keep public radio going by giving at donate dot. NPR Dot org slash slash bullseye again. That's donate dot. NPR Dot Org Slash Bullseye and thanks the NBC. Sitcom friends turned twenty five this year. And it's still here right now it's one net flicks biggest shows but does it hold up the greatest failure I think of the show is that it's not funny what Are Enduring relationship with friends says about US next time on it's been a minute from NPR it's bull's eye Jesse Thorn One more treat for you on the Bullseye Holiday holiday special a segment. We like to call the song that changed my life. It's a chance for musicians artists and other creators to tell us about the music that makes them who they they. Are this time with thrilled to welcome size. Smith Takes Wada. y'All feels like aw I'll.

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