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Pettis foot dark home invasion is under investigation according to believe this happened on orange trait of the homeowner told police timid rush ended at home showed a handgun debated money or told one of the suspects justin woodland was shot by the homeowner take it to the hospital where he died a second suspect anton smith was later arrested and charged with burglary and robbery sometimes a gun does something good what i think those who were antigerm don't understand is that here you have to criminals with a gun who come rushing into a private residence now do you think they have the gun with them just because they want us scare some buddy are you willing to take the chance i would like to ask every anti gun individual if someone burst into your home with a gun are you going to sacrifice your children unicef suck first yourself you suck fleischer husband your wife your mom print relatives the dog what are you gonna do michael you know i just two scary and you know that's not going to happen to me so i'm not going to have a gun but is your choice absolutely your choice if i am not by any means trying to force you to own a gun i just want you to think about i just want you to think rationally for a moment what do you do you're sitting in your big easy cheer maybe the kids were playing on the floor your wife is in.

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