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Was the team with two hall of famers, and that's the best team he face. Whereas LeBron is beaten a team with the see they were young obviously, but he blinked the KC ninety half three hall of famers all three of one MVP's at a league now, right? He he beat Parker. Ginobili Dunkin. All hall of falls still good at the time. Parker was still near the top of his game. At that point, Dunkin was still putting up crazy numbers. Even though pop was was utilizing him less and resting him more and Ginobili was still arguably one of the top six men in the region hall of famers hall of famers on that team. Obviously, three hall of famous with Golden State Warriors when he beat them in twenty sixteen right in their prime. I mean, the number of of envied seat. Regular season envy peas that he's beaten in the NBA finals compared to what Jordan had to face. And again, that's not to say that Georgia's not great. But as we talk about the six versus one of the bras, three and five or three, six, whatever it is is important to talk about who they faced on the other side and what they had to work with as well. And I can only identify one bad finals appearance, Michael cry by LeBron James and obviously was against the Dallas Mavericks and twenty eleven. Coming up. Next, we'll finish your calls. We'll get to these calls about LeBron Pedro Gomez is gonna stop by earlier today. We're talking about the dodgers big win, getting enough this night. We can about the SEO Puig, Nick Hundley thing that we talked about yesterday and the big story in sports today. Besides this LeBron story is Robert, a junior of the Braves, getting pelted by Jose Urania of the Marlins. And again, we have on the heels of talking about unwritten rules yesterday. The big story again is unruly baseball still rearing its ugly head, so we'll get to your calls. Pedra will stop by all coming up next. I. So there's a lot of baseball stuff to talk about. We'll get back to your LeBron calls about Daryl Morey and what he said and just a second. We spent a lot of time yesterday talking about GOP and Conley meant to good part of the morning talking about Robert AKU, junior and Jose. Urania means no worries. Pedro Gomez. Our buddy joined here on ESPN LA page. Oh, let's start with yesterday as we're talking about. Yes. And look, he's got a shortage history with the giants and vice versa, right? We get all that, but l z and I were having this conversation about kind of a bigger picture conversation. USA today had a story just in the last couple of years. They took a five year sample about how particularly white and Latino players tend to have these type of flare ups. Right? And that there is a disproportionate amount of these situations between those two particular types of people. At what point can we morph into a major league baseball arena where these sides can understand that Latino ball players should be allowed to emotes and they're not trying to disrespect the game. They're just playing the game the way they know how can we ever get to that place. I think if if looked up the white players who go play winter ball beater in the Dominican Puerto Rico or the ones that did before in Venezuela, I think they get it because once you're exposed to what baseball is in Latin America, it opens your mind, it broadens you and then you look around and say, okay, this is not showing up. This is the way they play ball. They show emotion what's up getting the world baseball classic to two springs ago member Yati air Molina's behind the plate for Puerto Rico, and I forgot who they were playing, but there's the stolen base attempts. How bias is that second covering? It starts pointing at Molina before the runner is even tagged out with his glove on the ground because he's just so excited about the throw in about everything happening that was not showing up. That is how the Latin ball. Player grows up playing ball on the island, and I just don't know that American ball player who never experiences ball in Latin America is going to understand that. Patriot hunters baseball find a better way to acclimate to acclimate the old guard with the new guard as the demographics of the Sporkin teams to change..

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