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Jones. And you're listening to the assassination over the next half hour. We'll ask how it can be that a decade on despite Pakistani police having gathered confessions, physical evidence and phone records. No one has been convicted of Benazir Bhutto's murder. So why did she die who organized a fifteen year old boy to kill killer? Why was she killed? It's all coming up after this summary of the latest world news. BBC news with Charles Carroll. The government of Zimbabwe has defended a crackdown by security forces following violent protests over sharp rises in fuel prices. A spokesman told the BBC that when things get out of hand a bit of firmness is needed. The comment came after Zimbabwe's human rights commission accused the security forces of using systematic torture. Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer says he's concerned that right wing extremists could exploit what he called the Phibro atmosphere is the country leaves the EU Neil Massu said officers will making sure band far right organizations didn't get a foothold in the country. A British delegation to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos is expected to lay out on Wednesday. The UK's proposals to sign free trade agreements around the world after Brexit. It comes a day after a number of companies said that they were in the process of moving operations away from Britain flights such Newark international airport in the US state of New Jersey were temporarily disrupted after a drone was spotted flying nearby. The device was seen flying one thousand meters above a small regional airport close to Newark. The Australian foreign ministry has asked the Chinese authorities for information on a Sydney based writer young Honduran who his friends suspect may have been detained while on a trip to China. The novelist has been an outspoken critic of feature knees communist government, Tonga has severely restricted social media usage after the failure of nearly all the Pacific islands communication links. With the rest of the world engineers say could take up to two weeks to fix a damaged undersea. Cable that's caused a near complete blackout of telephone and internet services and the authorities in Britain investigating advertising practices on social media say that a group of celebrities says agreed to make clear when they've been paid to endorse products, the celebrities boasted lives of over seventy million followers. Bb diplomats don't always do diplomatic language. Here's what the American ambassador to Pakistan cable to Washington five days after Benazir Bhutto's death. The government of Pakistan seems to be in a state of protracted confusion about the status of the investigation of Benazir Bhutto's assassination days later in another confidential cable the ambasaddor felt it necessary. To reiterate the government of Pakistan's clumsy handling of the investigation..

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