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I think if I were to have guessed before meeting you and you're the first chance I've ever met and I think I'm I think I'm surprised you. You seem more gentle than I would have expected from afar would have imagined chainsaws to be a very bro. We can a macho culture. Oh Yeah I think there's a lot of We'll especially in forestry. Were kind of socialized to have a very traditionally masculine attitude. Just SORTA job thrown. There's much would which is Kinda it's toxic and it's not across the board certainly but there is kind of like from the older generation of chains is it's I think I fit in more with humans in a lot of ways than with other chainsaws. Yeah you're kind of kind of in between because chainsaws aren't exactly your community but people they're afraid of you yeah. I don't think I have many many friends. It's I mean chains. That shows up at a party. You know it's something has gone awry. I think people are a little wary around me and they don't know how to how to deal with me outside of work. I mean people like to have me around the need to have me around. We worked together during the day and then at the end of the day they go home to their human families and hang out in the shed that makes sense. But you know no one ever Not wants a high five chainsaw. Tom Job no one ever gives a chainsaw. Hug Little Weird maybe but You know do you want to give you a hug? Aren't you afraid why I mean I think I would ask that you not turn on? Obviously I am afraid. It is scary. I'm afraid what are you afraid? I mean the same thing you are but from the opposite side. I'm afraid of being murdered and you're afraid of murdering. Yeah it is when you say. A different kind of fear will All right here goes my arms around you. That's a hug. Tell tell me your first. I Hug I hug. I don't remember my first hug. Oh it's very weird. It's warm but only in certain places and I'm noticing that and I wouldn't want it to be warm everywhere I will say you're sharper than the people I've hugged. Thank you can I ask you for me? It's gotten to the point as with humans that the hug has gone on too long. Oh Yeah I'm feeling that definitely all right. I'm gonNA charges on you..

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