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Lesko WTMJ palette of you I got contact sunny high today of forty eight clouding up tonight the low thirty eight it's thirty two degrees in Milwaukee seven oh two from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center more guidelines being put into place countrywide as cases of corona virus continue to rise the latest from ABC news god lives in the White House announced on Monday are aimed at slowing the spread of the corona virus there are now more than forty six hundred confirmed cases in the U. S. with several weeks of focused action we can turn the corner and turn it frankly a lot of progress has been made president trump in purging Americans to avoid gathering in groups of more than ten and to eliminate discretionary travel many state and local governments are putting restrictions in place on restaurants many of them are choosing to shift to take out delivery only summer closing but regardless of the plans it's challenging for workers like Charles stone he works at a restaurant on Bourbon street in New Orleans I understand what the what else is going on it's not easy it's not easy treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin expected to meet with Senate Republicans today discussed the economic relief bill that passed the house there will not be primary voting in Ohio today but three other states will go forward with voting Brian Clark ABC news governor YVR is putting a limit on social gatherings around Wisconsin the governor signing an executive order banning groups of fifty or more during a conference call either said he understands the impact this will have all right hello we have to be our highest priority it does however allow restaurants bars and other businesses remain open so long as they follow guidelines on social distancing grocery stores hospitals and child care centers are exempt from that order restaurants and bars can remain open in Wisconsin but they must take social distancing steps to prevent the spread of the virus Sherman Phoenix ownership team member went.

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