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Bicycling where a lot of students today they don't have access don't even as possible they don't even know that there's bike racing out there and then we kind of pull back a little even more in the pacific northwest where you have all this access we have all these world headquarters you know we have two of the richest individuals in the world living within fifteen miles of us we have all this access in that access does not reach all communities that access doesn't reach white center you know it doesn't reach rainier beach it does reach tukwila and you have you go to these schools and you find some amazing students who have amazing stories who just need access awareness and mentorship from from adults that they can model behavior and they start out with three writing three miles in march and in july they're ready to write it or miles and some of those students are ready to write tournaments in one day and they get done and they're like west next ron what happened because you were going to go with the kids and then you backed out yeah i have to apologize i had i i'm out i had called me the day goes what's ron jersey size and i said he doesn't need one he was shocked by this yeah i i had a crash it freaked me out a little bit i gotta be on i was freaked out for you went down the trolling my tire got caught in the trolley tracks i went down pretty hard yeah i messed up my wrist pretty good well you know what it it was your birthday so number one happy birthday thank you and you're always part of the major taylor family and what i'm gonna do is i confirmed that he's els lewis resumes als is going to cater the saturday night dinner in the midway point where we all get together and camp and so i'm gonna make your plate and i'm going to save it save it and we can put you some spicy and some extra crispy in their potato salad and a roll i i'm not sure if i can refrigerator between you know next week a whole next but i'm sure hold and so that's what the students and i'm going to do for you we're going to get you a jersey regardless so i can pretend falling down hurts the ground is hard and gravity is there and i i get it we've all we've all been they're gonna ask you on a on a serious note because i have crewed on a couple of races in my life and it's not uncommon to have fifteen twenty thousand dollars worth of biking gear for a single rider if not more nowadays how do you access that for young people who it might be tough for folks to get a three hundred dollar bicycle see right it's it's.

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