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Assessments such as low stakes quizzes. And how much of the overall course. Grade duties unlimited test opportunities makeup okay. So they're really two questions. They're they're related questions. But there are two questions here. I'm going to address the first one about unlimited retake supplying to form tasks such as low stakes quizzes. Well again. I mean these two different kinds of courses so in my pre impede course. Which is that that review course. Refresher courses students can optionally take before eight. P. all ten tests and the comprehensive final exam are the unlimited retakes. and yes those are formative assessments. But that's kind of the purpose of that course is to be formative. It's not to see you know how much they know before they go into an mba. It's sort of brush up on what we hope that he know before they go into an mp so it's all about refreshing in brushing up so with that course. I have no problems doing that. But you know a-tast can be formative meaning attached with the purpose of learning of forming new knowledge of of of the process of learning at the same time that it's a summit of test and evaluation of final measurement of what has been learned. It's formative in the sense that you're taking all these retakes in you're getting better and better and better. We hope if you're not that's when you know it's my role as the instructor to kind of figure out what's going on here. Why aren't the test scores getting better. What can i do to help you. What what's the hold up your. What's the issue. And i've never had a case where we didn't figure something out in push on. It was usually just a matter of not giving up just being encouraging I know this is starting to get frustrating. Here's some strategies for how to do better on the next one and so on and i'm right behind you here so let's not worry about it..

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