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He asks leila a somewhat personal question how is your diet coming along a diet d i e t refers to the kind of food you eat normally we use the word when someone is trying to lose weight they're trying to eat certain kinds of food in order to not be as heavy as they are right now twoway less george asks leila how her diet is coming along meaning is she been successful is she losing any weight leila says i don't really want to talk about my weight leila considers that a personal topic just as george considers his love life a personal topic that's why georges asking the question he's trying to get leila to understand that this topic is personal and he doesn't want to talk about it but george then continues in order to get leila perhaps a little angry and perhaps to get back at leila to do something bad to her because he feels she did something bad to him by continually asking questions about his love life george says but i think your having trouble shutting those pounds right i have lots of suggestions on what you can do to shed sat d pounds means to lose weight leila now is the one who tries to change the subject she says any way as i said before i don't really want to talk about my diet anyway as a word that's very popular in american english you'll hear it a lot in daily conversation and it is said usually to change the topic or to talk about something new.

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