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Black canyon city the Arizona department of public safety says the suspected wrong way driver is among the injured and is being treated at a hospital heads up the holiday travelers a big storm expected to get Arizona on thanksgiving day and continue into Friday there's a ninety percent chance of rain here in the valley there is like twice flagstaff could see a foot or two of snow major travel in packs are expected across northern Arizona Arizona votes a new poll of Arizona residents finds independence online with Republicans on most issues however they agree with Democrats on some hot button issues like immigration you never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station KTAR noon this Arizona's news station KTAR news on ninety two three FM roosting teams and panel if you you know hopefully you don't have a lot of reasons the dialed nine one one thanks yes I'm hoping in your life you dial nine one one infrequently if never okay but there was an interesting nine one one call that happened in Ohio can I can I put you the call and then let's try to figure out exactly what's going on yeah in this call on on our part order you called nine one one to order pizza your apartment one seventy one this is a wrong number to call for a pizza you're on on on on on on on on you know I got it what apartment one from one of your guys Stiller yeah I need a large pizza hello medical you need medical now for proper owning to understand the phone can you stand a **** now we'll get it going wow okay so the story behind that is that the woman who was calling nine one one to order a pizza was in the middle of a domestic violence incident yeah and couldn't obviously dial nine one one that it's the beginning of the dispatcher he's not he's not on board with this he's like you called the wrong number but then she said no no I got the right number this is a wrong number to call for a pizza on on on on on on on on you know get you know yeah I mean this is a movie done these stories before people do call nine one one because they're high in ordering a pizza right I apologize so but but yeah this was kind of a code and the the guy figured it out well I apparently it's a thing yeah it's a faint not maybe more nine one one eight P. figured out pretty quickly but we have to go back in the way way back machine to two thousand and fifteen the Superbowl do you remember this your call number one okay ma'am is everything okay over there and you were unable to talk thank one in the room with you yes and no so what they tell you they they being them is if you are in a situation that you have to dial nine one one for your safety or the safety of others but you can't speak openly I'm you order a pizza yeah or any Chinese food and when the operator tells you you have the wrong number say oh no no I don't right no no no no no no.

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