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Coulter wear a special counsel robert muller going in his investigation of russian election meddling california democratic senator dianne feinstein on nbc's meet the press i think what we're beginning to see is the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice muller sent out shockwaves last week with former trump national security advisor michael flynn's guilty plea to line to the fbi today president trump went after the fbi cbs's laura podesta president trump is slamming the federal bureau of investigation on twitter sunday he wrote the agency is the worst in history and reads tweeted that the fbi director quote needs to clean how is the president was responding to reports that a veteran fbi counterintelligence agent was removed from the team investigating russian election meddling that agent was discovered sending anti trump text messages former attorney general eric holder and former fbi had james comey both tweeted in support of the fbi saying it is honest an independent in a deal valued at sixty eight billion dollars the drugstore company cbs's buying insurance giant aetna carnegie mellon an economics professor martin gainer says while the acquisition could take a while to finalize the company's may make some changes in the meantime bringing crew large complex work together if a big deal burke a process that takes years but i would think that they have plans for a number of things that they can do fairly quickly and it's conceivable that consumers might see some changes there's some anger in the arab world over word that president trump may recognize jerusalem is the.

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