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And that's a beautiful sports do it really it's overcoming angst overcome the curse can happen hang in there nets fans checkout auburn lsu this weekend you can find the game on espn radio years we radiocom and the espn abc coverage begins at three eastern auburn who are accurate steadham averaging two hundred seventy passing yards per game and has a completion rate over seventy five percent over the last four games he's been in this zone in the zone is brought to you by autism get this zone autozone what is kevin durant have in common with roger goodell 's wife something very specific that's next on espn radio we got our pick six coming up at less than thirty minutes another huge weekend for your boy three and three 15 and 15 on the season had i do last weekend three in three i three in on the college games over on the nfl i told you go 500 herb edwards next hour as well and we're gonna talk a little bit about rashad matthews and his stance that if he is forced to take a stand he will leave the nfl but this story is perfect okay we just spent a couple shows a few weeks ago talking about kevin durant shadow twitter account defending durant against people criticising durant for leaving so if somebody said our whatever durant you went the easy route you quit on those guys durant would tweet well he besides russ the rest of rosser wasn't great coach in that but then he's still side in his kevin durant was like whoa accidentally yeah and then that the world started unraveling and he's like look man unlike you i got acne i drink pierce i slide in the ems and everybody felt like hey man he is like me right except for seven feet and can handle like no one we've ever seen that size.

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