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Listening to the best of Todd and don show. Actually, my part's a little better in Todd's, but we're gonna be live at 5 30, You stay tuned. You're listening to the best of Todd and don on NewsRadio. K O. B. J so much text not terrace down old buildings at the State section homeless camp in Southeast Austin local nonprofit, The other one's foundation. They're setting up 200 tiny homes. That's their response to this homeless crisis. It's non profit out there and the foundation's Max Moscow, he says. They're gonna be able to help out. What did it in 70 homeless people eventually at that location, which is which I think is more than the Austin City Council currently houses in a shelter, you know, that was formerly a hotel, I guess. I guess I'm gonna make that journey a lot easier if you're trying to, you know, find a job. Open a bank account. Get your ID go through case management. That's really hard to do. Living out of a tent. Yeah, the foundation already set up service service office there. They got shower trailer. They even got a kitchen there at that campsite. Camp rats love it over there And, you know, Southeast Austin. I think this is the best way to approach it. I really do. Try to get everything is forces homeless situation centralized, where all of the He's re sources can be available to all these folks, all kinds of resources. And, of course, all just the day to day needs is far as showers is forest kitchen as far as restrooms. Everything I love this approach. I think this is a much much much better approach than random hotels that don't seem to be really well thought out as far as where they are. How defects everybody around him. I love this idea. And and and there I saw An example of the little tiny homes they're putting up and they're able to construct them very, very quickly, Sure, and certainly certainly far, far better than a tent. Now. Over the next three weeks until the close of Election Day, Austin voters will decide whether to reinstate the city's camping band. They see the group save Austin now a political action committee, trying to get proposition be past and if it does camping with me made illegally in any public area, not designated by the Austin Parks and Recreation apartments. Yeah, the proposition would be also criminalized and create a penalty for those sitting or lying on a public Parker sidewalk or sleeping outdoors. Near our downtown then and along the University of Texas campus. Yeah, the campaign has been driven by some big spending primarily by, say, Boston now and in fact, it's kind of kind of lopsided. The campaign has been driven by big dollars went through 102 page, the campaign finance documents, according to KXTA, and they report that they raised about $437,000. On. They got some large donations from, you know, a couple of auto dealers a couple of business on. In fact, several business owners are helping foot the bill here Now, Records show the Political action Committee spent about 319,000. More than half of that spending was consulting fees. But the political action committee paid for the fundraising software, Social media's and They even got out there and got the petition signed Actually about 20 something 1,026,000. I think it was to get it on the balance. And the mayor still says this is gonna be a close one. This could be a close vote is what he said. I really don't know, Todd. I mean, you think it's gonna be more of more of a run away as far as four Prop b. I hope you're right. I'm glad you're feeling that confident about it. You're listening to the best of Todd and don on NewsRadio, k o b, J, You're listening to the best of the tide of Don show we're live at 5 30 News Ready? Okay. LBJ news. Radio..

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