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Liam mcintyre voices that king of atlanta's akwa man injustices. Id world war two. So how does akwa man's sound in this merge We'll develop the voice for was Furniture team effort. We weasels sat down and sort of worked out was he kingly Very regal and you know residents annual sort of decrees everywhere sort of thing but based on the character that we're going with he's not he's he's not that version of argument so he he's Go to mid atlantic which seems appropriate for an atlanta in And you know so. Straddling that line between american and british and and but still with a with an authoritative content presence. Which is kind of darkened by the full sitting on top of him. That's kind of guiding him but It was important to not telegraph. That he was. He was under control or anything like that. So yeah just just finding this powerful but not too overblown voice that sort of sits in between england in america and what about his attitude. The attitude that choose acumen. He's i mean he's god king essentially you know so. He's he's always in control. He's always the lost word on everything so he has a certain expectation to to be right to be definitive to be listened to so to to give an imbuing with that sort of powerful energy. Which again is fascinating. Because he doesn't realize that the choices he's making may not be the choices he would make if he was free to make those choices. So it's a funny way to create this sort of pseudo villain where he's so authoritative in different world. He would. that would be fantastic because he would. You know the the lord of the sees you want that but with this some you know shroud over him. It's it's kind of creepy. It's of scary. And on the film itself justice society world war two. It's brave exciting. It's different It's it's certainly a a take on this universe that i haven't personally seen and that was a bit of a thrill it's it's it doesn't pull punches And it's it's the is a new genesis of of this story. So it's it's it's of this of this new timeline. So it's beginning a new journey for these characters. Which i i really wanna see where it goes. I think the best thing i can say for the stories you get the nfl. Go all good now. What happens so where do we go from here. Which is the you know the basis of any good story. so that's fun. It is look for liam mcintyre and his cast mates it justice society world war. Two wherever you get your kant and gary..

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