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Health district says it appears the mitigation efforts put in place last month are having an impact on the corona virus outbreak but doctor Christie's bidders says this won't be over anytime soon we're probably looking at at least another month of the current level of social distancing possibly a bit longer until those conditions are suitable to begin consideration of any relaxation he says there won't be an immediate return to the old ways of doing things even grand whatever changes occur are likely to be incremental in nature we faced in the current mitigation efforts and we will likely need to face back out of the doctor's bitter says there's a strong chance of another outbreak if people ignore the guidelines there is a major disparity in the number of call the nineteen infections between the states of New York and California and researchers at Stanford want to get to the bottom of it covering this for A. B. C. news is Alex stone who joins me now on the company's line Alex described this scenario that seems to puzzle the researchers yet Haley this is really interesting in that New York has half the population of California but New York has fourteen times the number of dead from corona virus and researchers at Stanford they have a theory now they're doing their antibody testing that we've been talking about this week and one aspect of that they were on a go pretty deep with that antibody testing and figure out get Colgate nineteen actually arrive in California and Oregon and Washington from China last fall that the doctors here we're reporting an early and bad flu season in the fall and now they want to know do we have some immunity to corona virus to Kobe nineteen years that's why is that why we're seeing fewer cases now and we're from Victor Davis Hanson at Stanford's Hoover institute he says something is going on but we haven't quite found out yet something is going on in that something being fewer cases on the west coast except for nursing homes but in the general community that it's not taking off like it took off on the east coast and his team wants to know if what we all bought with the flu or the cold wave actually cobit nineteen several months ago you're not the kind of California population one hundred schools this would all come down Taylor herd immunity and in the Californian the numbers and have enough got need to get herd immunity we talked to Dr enter November and even the university California Irvine instead explain what herd immunity is herd immunity is the concept that once a certain proportion of the population is immune the virus has a really hard time bouncing from person to person and so what we want to get to a bench really is a situation where most people are immune and then the epidemic will die out but here's a problem to get herd immunity you normally need a minimum of fifty percent of the population that to have the antibodies and some doctors believe maybe only one or two percent of Americans have had Kobe nineteen so nobody knows if this really is the case for measles you need ninety percent to get herd immunity and still nobody knows Taylor if even having the antibodies of Kobe nineteen means you get any immunity they believe you're probably do you typically do sorry you get three years of immunity but they don't know for sure lot of unknowns here but they want to know where we all X. photos several months ago let's releasing because I'm kinda at at least as the time line stands now which would line up right when it broke out in Wuhan China to yeah exactly and there is so much back and forth between the west coast of the U. S. and China the scientists are saying this all adds up that somebody that they likely had in China long before we knew what it was probably came to the the west coast of the U. S. and it began spreading but nobody was testing for it so we were just told you have a cold or the flu I mean I know I came back from Vegas in late January and came down with all the symptoms of now what we know is corona virus but it supposedly wasn't in the U. S. for that time well now they can do the antibody test and once or enough of them they can tell you if you had it but they want to know did people have it back in September October November and do we now have this herd immunity is that why our numbers are lower in you know early on they were higher in California Washington but they've stabilized haven't taken off like New York is that because of herd immunity D. B. C.'s Alec stone with us on come on is Alex thanks very much you got a picture of someone whose time one forty which exports a ten forty past.

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