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One day be radically aided Justice diseases like smallpox once were. Do you think we'll ever get everybody? Reading and writing. I really do think it's possible that every single child in the world maybe with some kind of five percent. Exclusion of children have very severe challenges and that stop them from reading that is an achievable goal in the same way as the irradication of some of the diseases that no longer exist. The parallel I think there's a profound one. Why can't so many of our children read this isn't one of those programs where it's just about more money? Many governments have been investing in education. More children are in schools. But that doesn't mean they can read and crucially read with meaning. For that to happen. The needs to be more teachers properly trained in literacy, and it sounds obvious. But children must be taught. I in the language they speak at home. We all without the ability to read, but we know how to teach it and like Peter the orphan the started the program reading really can change lives as it did his. This inquiry was presented by me Kavita Puri and produced by Rosamund Jones. And if you want to listen to more episodes, download our podcast search for BBC the inquiry. Distribution of the BBC World Service in the US is made possible by American public media producer and distributor of award winning public radio content. APM American public media with.

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