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When he went past me as he started to get to the corner. I saw a shooter shoot like five bullets at him. The shooter ran away. Police believe he and the victim may have known each other. Frank Lindsay camo news. Gunfire left six people, including a teenager heard at a metro bus stop and Kent last night, police say a witness flag down an officer on South Kent Des Moines, Sze Road and Pacific Highway South around six PM This woman watched the shooting from her food truck. We like kind of hit. Victims range in age from 16 to 49 2 were listed in critical condition. Three people were detained for questioning. No word yet on what led up to that gunfire. The witnesses say. Groups have been arguing in that area. All afternoon. Long coma news time is Lord, Let's get a check of coma Traffic Marina Rock Injured joins us now Well, good afternoon. And of course, we still have these issues and volatile a za result of that police shooting so five to to stay around 5 to 2. Both directions are going to be blocked between case Norway and Northeast 1/80. It's also affecting Highway 5 to 7. The awful every highway South found direction. At state Route 5 to 2. Um other than that, we don't have any backups right now to speak of other than a slight one South found four or five from I 90. Down past school Creek Parkway. You're next. Come on Traffic 12 14. Thanks, Marina Kristen Clark. Checks are coma forecast finally feeling like summer around here today could be the warmest day. Yet. This July aside, temperatures across Peter's sound get close to that 80 degree mark. We'll have another warm dry day tomorrow before clouds.

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