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The euro dollar sixteen seventy one the end went oh nine point six nine that's a bloomberg business flash tom and pimm thanks so much karen greatly appreciate it is good to catch up with gene munster legendary piper jaffray and of course of loop ventures right now jeanne you're at the apple meeting and i guess you saw it as well explain in english the media divide placed between apple and the rest of silicon valley when you see those articles when you hear those thoughts what's it mean that it's apple versus them apple doesn't make for apple makes money on selling hardware and so that's that's their perspective the them is facebook and google they make their money on selling data and tim cook it said this in the past is don't make your money by selling you they use her out that divide was never more clear than it was yesterday at the developer conference and so this is it's been a thing that apple's been approaching for a long time but i think they capitalized on all that happened to facebook broader privacy and really emphasized that yesterday it means that you can be comfortable that your data's not being cheered or when it is being shared you will be alerted more about how s being shared so they're building more tools to notify you where your data's going there also putting in new protection around how like for example your browser the data that your browser collects they emphasized that there's a trick that most advertisers use to track where you're going around the internet and they're going to remove that trick using safari so as user i think you should feel good about using apple devices knowing that your privacy is being looked after gene monster you're call the effort that apple is always made in the in the educational world particularly seating younger users is what they're doing in sympathy with that trend mean that parents are gonna look more favorably on apple products than non apple products there is a whole nother piece to this it's been referred to digital wellness so we talked about privacy here off of the piece about the usability too much device usage in so this plays into what you're saying around what they've done with younger users historically and how they're trying to play into that in.

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