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Live and creating the business i've always wanted angela it sounds like you're rocking at way to get going our next message comes from beja one of our business boutique community members she writes i am in tears so far i kept missing the mark except for last christmas when i served people the right product at the right time after several failure to launch attempts over the last five years i gathered the courage to relaunch my website with a similar product this morning i have a pre order special on my website and this sale notifications keep going off on my phone i'm so grateful for this community for leading me into renewed courage beja i love hearing that story because there is such power and women championing other women and i'm so glad you've found that encouragement in our business boutique community our next story comes from me on facebook mimi wrote my husband gabi your book for mother's day and i'm on chapter five and loving it i've owned my catering business for seven years and with five kits it can be a bit of a challenge me i would guess so but i love how your book is helping me break down the steps and walking me through what i need to do to grow maimi i'm so proud of you because it doesn't matter if you have the book if you don't put it into action it doesn't work i'm so proud of you for building your plan and actually using the action steps i know if you do this you're going to win even though you're crazy busy our next message is from jennifer lea on facebook jennifer wrote i hit a major milestone in my business today i just surpassed my 2017 income goal and my 20 eighteen calendar is almost full something i hadn't plan on for at least another three to six months i'm getting ready to hire one or two people to assist with my workload you can't do this whether you're starting today or you've been hustling for years just keep going do the hard work and celebrate every milestone big and small i started as a freelancer to pay my way through school yup i went back to.

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