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A lot about basically get will never be the same style events basically how the x men are impacted by a giant world shifting status quo altering events the ones we like the ones we don't how that tends to go if we were dc podcast this would be titled not a hoax not an imaginary story but we're not so we can't use that had line which is a shame because it's really good is that trademark i have no idea probably if not ready to steal passes swarming of i mean it it is accurate descriptive it's not a hoax or an imaginary story probably maybe some of these are actually hopes of some of these are are never gonna be is in the same again but a totally is um so i think we should start with the classic the first and that is is the first major like shaking event to hit the x men and that was the absolute kind on a cullen final death of professor does a beer in the silver age right now is back and that's men number forty two when it's all of you know it's dave you're has never showed up again since the nineteen sixties but it started a long history in the app's and i think that the history and a lot of superhero comebacks where you know you'll get a lot of the it's death is for real this changes the universe for good and then dead doesn't or so episodes later it's like i know he was just hiding in the basement it turns out in youth is actually what happened by the way if you're not familiar with over a jets men professor exit your hit in the basement for like a year to prepare to fight aliens with the power of all of the love of humanity but the thing is he told the ap some of that he was dying of cancer or rather that change laying who was a person eighty hand told the x men no heart disease get i don't heart disease yeah and then did like how dramatic is that for years.

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