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Um incredible like it was like a on how to describe it it was like this hat documentary almost her like this art film about elephants in water they'd be swimming in water bringing out for a second i you might be able to bring it up was like these elephants and his camera and had these elephants in water and then this woman like you know kind of like riding on their trunk in it's it's like really hypnotic but it's a one thing i kept his newly things i down i would that was the one thing was also below fit can we import now it was making me lurlene charles would have an arts thing so cool type in arts thing and there is usac like oh we dump defined anyways elephant riding water nuts an art thing fuck it's me elephant and water knows that documentary just put elephant water it's louis can be of and swimming in water others the move on alana slicking offense and water um like guys on thomas can meet lowering is it is it wanted elephants now as a great movie was this is what are you we impossible to find guys itself quotes art there's elephants the watterson see it off now i want you to see it uh swimming in water is there is there at all i think no let's just two three r better be nauseous when you are low check it out maybe on on we're not finding of yours.

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