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The four borough is under center takes the snap fakes to mix and looking to throw president Zone Touchdown T. Higgins his second touchdown catch of the afternoon, and the Bengals have a chance to regain the lead. That's Dan Hoard and Dave lap, Um, with the call on Cincinnati, ESPN 15 30, the Bengals radio network. Welcome back to NFL Fantasy forecast on Westwood one along with Sports Illustrated senior fantasy analyst Michael Fabiano. I'm Amber. Theo Harris. All right, Babs. It is time for the wide receivers and I imagine hearing that highlight coming in, you're going to say Start to Higgins. Yes, I am a fan of Higgins as I mentioned earlier in the program. I think this is going to be a high scoring game between the Bengals and the Vikings Last year, Minnesota's defense gave up 24 touchdowns, two wide receivers the sixth most points. I can start Higgins, Tyler Boyd and even Jamaar Chase. If I'm in a deeper league as a flex player, I'm also starting Brandon Aiyuk looks like he's going to be good to go. Against the Detroit Lions last year, Their defense gave up an average of more than 44 fantasy points per game. The wide receivers I don't think there'll be any better this year, Deebo Samuel also in the mix for fantasy managers, and then let's talk about love discussion all against the Houston, Texas. Now he is one of my favorite wide receiver sleepers, a guy that I tried to get late in drafts. Last year, this defense that Houston gave up 22 touchdown catches and the seventh most fantasy points to wide receivers. They could be worse in 2021, so I like low, viscous, you know, as a flex starter or wide receiver three and in that same game, Brandon cooks. Let's put this in the category. Amber of somebody's got to catch the football for the Houston Texans, right, and I think it's going to be Brandon cooks. This could end up being a high scoring affair. He is going to be the number one option for Tyrod Taylor in the passing game. So cooks is on my radar as a flexor, a wide receiver three How about your sits at wide receiver? Odell Beckham Jr. And I know this is not going to be a popular opinion. First off, he's not 100% and second off. This chief's defense is very good. Okay, They allowed an average if you were the 136 receiving yards per game, the wide receivers last year And folks, O. B. J has averaged about 12 points per game during his time in Cleveland, so he's not been more than a wide receiver. Three. I would avoid them if possible. Same thing with Kenny Golladay. He will be ago this week for the G men, but he didn't really have much time during the preseason to gain a report with Daniel Jones. I think this offense starts off somewhat slowly. So, Kenny G is a fade for me. Marquez Callaway. Now this guy has been one of the big names in fantasy football during the preseason camp. Here's the problem. He is the only wide receiver that the Saints really have B. I besides deonte Harris, and that means he's going to draw Jr Alexander I just don't like this matchup. I like Calloway. I like the upside. I don't like the opponent this week. And then finally, I will give you a warning. I understand that you have to play Alan Robertson. I get it. I've got to play Allen Robinson. Here's the problem. All right, Jalen Ramsey. This is not a good matchup for Allen Robinson. So I get it. If you're in a redraft Dynasty keeper you've got to play in this week Understood? In D F, so I would avoid him. I'll tell you who you should not sit. Antonio Brown already did that. And I paid for it This way. He gone Thursday night. Someone did not read my startup instead. Um, card I will. I will continue. I should I take your stardom Cinema on Sports Illustrated much more often. And I will do that. From now on, Let's switch over to the Titans. Who should you start? I like Logan Thomas against the Chargers guy who saw a boatload of targets in the second half last year as one of the top options for the football team, and now Curtis Samuel is going to be missing a few games he's been put on the injured list. That's even more targets for Thomas in the matchup is good against lightning bolts. I also like Dallas, Qatar this week against Atlanta. They gave up 10 touchdowns and the fourth most fantasy points too tight ends last year. No offense. Good to go. I'd get him in my lineup as a low and tight end one. The Giants had a tough time against tight ends last year, especially on their home field. And then Tyler Higbee, who I feel it could end up being a pretty good late run bargain for fantasy managers. No more. Gerald Everett, which means take me will be the number one tight end in a potentially explosive Rams offense. Last year, the Bears defense gave up 12 touchdowns. Two enemy tight ends. All right. Who should we sit at tight end? You mentioned Gerald Everett already. How about Jared Cook? Yes, Jared Cook is someone that I would be avoiding. Now Cook is a guy who I think could be a very, very nice option. When the matchups right the matchups. Not right this week. The football team have one of the top defenses in the National Football League, so I would keep him on the bench. As you mentioned Gerald Everett against the Colts. I would also fade him. Eric Ebron is a fate for me as well. I don't know how many points the Steelers are going to put up against that Buffalo defense and Eric Ebron at this point is probably the fourth best option in the passing game. Behind a slew of wide receivers that the Steelers have and then cold commit while I like him. Long term. I don't like him this week against the Rams. Keep him on the sidelines. Alright, Good stuff. Babs get ready for the biggest kick off Sunday Ever for the first time in NFL history opening weekend will feature four games on Sunday afternoon in all markets. Too early games at one o'clock Eastern and too late games at 4 25 Eastern this Sunday on CBS and Fox still to come, who are the best daily fantasy bargains will fill you in next. You're listening to NFL.

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