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Back tell Hartman here with you and, Sean I'm not hearing myself welcome back out Harbin. Here with you and the the legal US immigrants facing. Prison five years in prison for voting This is when you And then and then, on top, of this you know we've got the president's strike going out in the. United States, right now in fact it's our is spread to candidates going on. Nova Scotia as well But in the northwest detention center in Tacoma Washington two. Hundred detained, imminence immigrants joined the nationwide protest Kevin Rashid Johnson in Waverly Virginia Writes, in the guardian that slave labor still exists in, the, United States in. Two thousand, eighteen effect slavery? Never? Ended in this country now a lot of people here that and. They, think, oh that's hyper hyperbole you, know are you kidding really I thought the slavery, ended by the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendments, well no actually the thirteenth amendment says the slavery can still exist in the United States You just have to be convicted of a crime it's. Not that punishment can exist in the United States is not that imprisonment can exist in the United. States it's slavery can exist in. The, United States let me read you the thirteenth amendment, which, actually says this. Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude? Comma? Except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been. Duly, convicted, comma, show exist within the, United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction So neither slavery nor imprisonment can be. A punishment excuse me shell exist in the. United States except as punishment for crime, slavery can be punishment for a crime and that's exactly, what's going on people are being forced. To work in slave labor like conditions in prisons all over the United States all over the you know in in And in some, in Canada's well this is something that the northern European countries have, have almost, completely abandoned With an emphasis on rehabilitation but here in. The United States no. No it's longer and longer and longer and we're seeing these these this prison strike now this was triggered it's a one thousand nine days strike were more or less in the middle of it right now is triggered by APRIL's rioting, in, the league correction institution in South Carolina in which seven inmates were killed Yes, a lot of inmates are being killed in for example just in. The last three weeks just in the last three weeks in Mississippi ten.

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