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We we get the very infamous seen the one that I think most people creative Forces would argue ears the definitive origin Of two facing that is when maroni throws the ball of acid and to harvey's face funnier enough. You just mentioned my recent reading and finishing of arlene. Yep yep they did not tear from that yeah. Different places. Still the courthouse. Not the court room just the hallway. Same exact occurrence. Fook you harvey date. Here's some acid. Yeah and like this. That's like the the one. I do really love his origin in the dark knight movie Because like it has so many fucking implications but if they could have done it in the courthouse would have been extremely powerful anyways. Yes because the house. Some guy tried to use a gun and harvey dent was like. Oh look obama's book your baretta. Yeah that is true and also we we get the scene. Here we're harvey. He flees to hospital and You know he goes down to the sewer area. Also want to call it out. Something goes to happen. Kevin flipping out the book again. I forgot this buckingham. I'm watching movie like the fuck going on. What did they become a buddy buddy cop scenario but like not cops like like i was thinking about what the focus is literally looking at the pages like no it is uncanny the same even the same like psychological monologue love that to faces having with literally a being who can't respond. Hey have you know solomon grundy. Probably thinks he's extremely eloquent in history spouses. Or that's what. I guess that's all for those of you couldn't understand because there was so so much grunge my voice born on a monday not that hard to guess it. This is only a small list of things. Maybe one would say. Seven statements all mcgrady makes. Yeah cyrus goad simon going. Just real name F why every once in a while homeys you gotta tissue self with random mass knowledgeable about. Hey that's how you stay right here Anyways so yeah he does. Eventually you know Linka with solomon grundy down in the sewers and he's able to kind of relate with solomon on a kind of a fundamental level. I do want to point out something that the movie did that. I thought was pretty clever. And that is at the fourth of july Murder this before. He puts the beat down on. That would be hit man. Yeah the the scene where. He's out there with gilda and with commissioner gordon and carmine falcone approaches and he speaks with gilda in. Oh says how you doing. Dan goes knows talking to gilda against a really another cool. Soto nod chimney was to the things that the attitude is movie being that Yeah he knows go because gildo had or she was pregnant with Alberto's kid so again. A really subtle nod something that harvey and s. the audience didn't even know about. Yeah well actually harvey. I think he did know so. Never mind the oddest didn't know i didn't in the movies cannon theories a. He didn't know.

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