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Aired On Monday, March 30, 4 AM, On KYW Newsradio 1060.


The man's first top ten U. S. is the valid visa ice a later edgier sound for the single American woman which would be the first Canadian record to top the U. S. charts choose the plan some fog and mist fifty degree temps will remain steady through the overnight good morning I'm Jeff ash our top story at twelve oh one the corona virus pandemic what you need to know from KYW newsradio for more coronavirus deaths have been reported in Philadelphia as the total number of cases in the city climbs to around nine hundred state health secretary Dr Rachel Levine announced more than six hundred new coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania tragically we have now had thirty eight deaths among those who have tested positive for covert nineteen in Pennsylvania in two days all of those deaths have been in adult patients the total number of cases in Pennsylvania is now more than thirty three hundred but more support for coronavirus relief may soon be on the way to the Commonwealth as K. Y. W. stressed the nudo tells us the governor's reached out to the federal government governor wolf requested a major disaster declaration from the president through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to support state county municipal and some non profits if approved the declaration would assist disaster unemployment crisis counseling community disaster loans as well as a number of other programs governor wolf says he is quote calling on the president and the federal government to make available to us the assistance that will make tangible differences in the lives of our friends and neighbors and dedicated public servants for working in overdrive to support them Justin Trudeau KYW newsradio still to come social distancing will now last longer than originally thought at twelve oh two it's time for traffic and weather well on the plan for a John the upside heading out of Philadelphia storm some police activity not causing too much of a delay but give yourself a little bit of time now not seeing any problems on the side of the Schuylkill expressway heading up the Vine Street expressway things look good and I ninety five north and southbound from Bucks county all the way out to the Delaware state line running problem free Pennsylvania Turnpike looks good also no delays on the northeast extension but just keep in mind it's only the easy pass lanes that remain open no delays or construction work on four twenty two four seventy six the blue route also looking good but from the turnpike all the way down the I. ninety five in New Jersey that continues we're not seeing any road worker problems with the forty two freeway fifty five or two ninety five but then the Jersey turnpike and the Atlantic city expressway again it's only the easy pass lanes that are open same goes for the Betsy Ross bridge the Ben Franklin the Walt Whitman the Commodore Barry and the Delaware Memorial Bridge next update in less than ten minutes I'm Jim have Mister in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center.

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Aired On Monday, March 30, 4 AM, On KYW Newsradio 1060.

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