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To coordinate with state and local responses. You're listening to ABC News times down 5, 10 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. Here's Dana head hey, is brought to you by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. Dan Tennis Split. It's where we started, say minutes as you go from 50 to 80. It's good Then what you get the 80. It's another eight minutes out to Roseville on eastbound 80. That's to Douglass Boulevard. However, if you're coming down from the Auburn area, I just did a sensor check and timed it out. And it's about 45 minutes now. As you head from, Let's say 49 in Auburn, down to Kirby in Roseville. So, yeah. Long delays there and does break free for a little bit, But it's gonna be a long drive for you. We had an accident. Westbound idea, but l'm avenue in Auburn, too. And otherwise downtown. L drove 11 minutes I five in about 10 minutes on 99. That's all good 18 minutes Stand out of Folsom. These found 50 downtown to Woodland North Bound I five is going to be pretty quick. It's going to be about 16 minutes. We did have some trouble coming in on the other side, South bound, and that's going to be asked about county Road 22. And not sure exactly what the delay is out there going to woodland, as I say about 16 minutes 17 minutes, downtown Davis westbound 80 you get covert 19 at work. You have the right to pit take paid sick Leave if you're sick, Stay home and take care of your health and others around you to learn more about your workplace rights. Visit d i r dot see a dog of forwards slash Colbert. Half ago. The tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Data has news 93.1 kfbk. It's forecast is brought to you by life Source. Water systems. A wind advisory is in effect through tomorrow evening. Clear skies expected for tonight We'll see winds gusting past 40 MPH expect a low tonight of 46 to 50 winds gusting.

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